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Just look at what you can do with old pieces of furniture. Our friends over at DIY Network are offering up easy how-tos for multipurpose pieces for you and your furry loved one.

Pet bed

Credit: Brian Patrick Flynn

Pet bed

Credit: Brian Patrick Flynn

How do you pamper your pooch? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. [...] the full article here: Daily Delight: Old Furniture Becomes New Dog Beds var dd_offset_from_content = 40; var dd_top_offset_from_content = 0;VN:F [1.9.20_1166]please [...]

  2. Donnia says:

    Such a wonderful idea. My lil fellow can sleep right next to me in his own bed. I won't have to worry about him jumping and are falling off of my bed and hurting himself. Thank you for such a wonderful idea. His own little room. He will have his own privacy. Got to get to searching for a nice end table and start my new project. Again thank you and so does Pepper my little fury friend. Blessed.

    • Susan says:

      Hi Donnia!! I had the same worries about my little 4 pound yorkie. I had a set of stairs made for her. ($10.00)I gave this guy the exact measurements of the height of my bed. I went to the carpet store to see if they had any carpet for sale in cream. By carpeting the 4 stairs, it prevents them from otherwise slipping if the stairs would be painted or just left plain. The man at the carpet store did not even charge me because I did not need a lot. Now, she can go up and down these "custom" stairs made just for her. And now I don't worry at all when we go to bed. However, we usually sleep together every night. Even though she is small, she is wonderful to cuddle next to. Good luck with your project!! Kind regards, Susan :)

  3. Anina says:

    Love this idea! I have two little poodles, and I could actually do this with one of my existing end tables. Would they use it, when they prefer the sofa and love seat? Worth a try!^_^

  4. Terry says:

    Take a coffee table with a bottom to it and make it into a large bed. Or one of the large storage ottomans. Make it into a cozy bed inside for when you are spending time in the room together. The only thing with that idea
    is the dog has to be able to get into it.

  5. Pat says:

    Love this and is a wonderful idea, I have two Bichon's who might just love this although they love the sofa in the sunroom during the day and my bed at night!

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