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Twinkies are an American icon. They’re the key ingredient in Twinkie Pie and Twinkie Corn Dogs; the brand behind the bandana-wearing Twinkie the Kid; and the can’t-live-without food in the movie “Zombieland.” Since it’s possible there will be no more new Twinkies after today, pay homage to the supermarket sweet staple with one of these Hostess-themed keepsakes. Then make your own cream-filled snack cake.

Twinkie MemorabiliaI Love Hostess Soap Set : Vintage Plastic Twinkie the Kid Ring : Sterling Silver Twinkie Earrings : Twinkie the Kid Lunchbox : Twinkie Expiration Date T-Shirt : Upcylced Twinkie Dress

Will you miss the Twinkie? How will you say goodbye?


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5 Responses

  1. Joey says:

    I will miss the Twinkie. The lunchbox is very cute.

  2. Eugenia27 says:

    I am going to miss the little powder sugar donuts. Hostess had the best!

  3. rick kasa says:

    what is value of 1920s pedal car racer bank. 1:6 scale. one of 2500 sequentially numbered.

  4. Linda says:

    My father worked for Hostess Cake (IBC) He was responsible for the introduction of the Hostess HO HO. He was "Twinkie the Kid " many times. He had many many friends in the grocery business and he wore that costume proudly for many promos. He loved Hostess Cake (IBC) and was honored to work for the company. Shortly after Hostess Cake closed the doors my father died. RIP Dad.

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