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I know egg carton crafts seem more intuitive for say, Easter, but I like to keep you on your toes. Besides, it’s nearly Thanksgiving and you’ll be using plenty of eggs in pies and other sweets this week, won’t you? There you go! If you’re still too full of tryptophan to venture out into the Black Friday crowds, here are some attractive egg carton crafts you can make with your family instead. (Or save them for when you think you can’t stand another minute of football. I feel you on that one.)

egg carton succulents

I’m a sucker for succulents and this egg carton garden from Erin Joy Design would be perfect for a windowsill perch.

egg carton organizer

Michele Pacey of Michele Made Me came up with a clever use for the humble egg carton: a desk organizer. The individual wells make it ideal for storing odds and ends from paperclips to craft supplies. Bonus points if you pretty it up with a coat or two of colorful paint. (See more clever home office uses for everyday items in our photo gallery.)

mirror with egg carton flowers

Photo: Fabrice Besse

I wrote about this flower-lined mirror from Marie Claire Maison in a Daily Delight post from long ago, but it bears repeating because I still can’t believe those delicate flowers were formed from egg cartons! For similar flower tutorials and tons more egg carton ideas, check out the aforementioned Michele Made Me.

egg carton string lights

If you’re hesitant to glue anything to your mirror, you can get the same feel with these floral string lights from Apartment Therapy. The added glow is very appropriate for the holiday season.

egg carton gift wrap
And speaking of the holiday season, Liz Gray pointed me to this sweetly-wrapped gift from Carnets Parisians. You could nestle all kinds of candy, small presents or stocking stuffers into an egg carton and the shape wouldn’t give anything away to the recipient. Because sometimes the best gift of all is the gift of surprise. Not into recycling or don’t eat eggs? You can buy fresh cartons here.

Which cardboard carton craft did you think was most egg-celent? And what would you like to see in this column next week? Suggest craft materials in the comments below!


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7 Responses

  1. RSS says:

    I especially like the egg carton with the succulents.

  2. jem says:

    I love the idea of creating flowers from egg cartons.

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      Let me know how it goes if you try it, Jem! Maybe one day I will get around to making that mirror…

  3. Deborah Morgan says:

    These are great ideas! I actually used the egg shells for decoration. I made flowers with them. Glued the broken pieces on a card (or what ever you want to) in the shape of a flower and then spray painted them gold (or whatever color you choose). It was beautiful.

  4. Sandie C. says:

    I store my earrings in the egg cartons. They stack well and are bright colored and keep pairs together and easy to find. You can coordinate them by color, and sometimes, two pair or more to a single section. They are a great time saver. Everything is in full view and the best part is that there was no extra expense. The cardboard type is stronger. I cut the lid off and place it under the other half. Works for me!

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