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BRIANA: Since it’s Black Friday, I thought we could rap about blackboards. They’re handy in the classroom, but the trend of using chalkboards and chalkboard paint at home shows no signs of slowing. So, spell it out for me: Are you bored with decorative chalkboards? Do you think they’re cool or should they stay in school?

chalkboard over bar

LIZ: True, it’s not exactly revolutionary decor at this point, but I’m not ready to erase the trend quite yet. I mean, you get to DRAW ON THE WALLS (and refrigerator!) Do I really need to say more?

child drawing on chalkboard fridge
MARIANNE: I’m not totally over it, but I gravitate more towards clever accessories, like this chalkboard spice jar. I have plans to buy a few to give as gifts this year!

chalkboard spice jar

JESSICA: It’s like you were reading my mind. My shiny new bio pretty much sums up my feelings about chalkboards:

jessica's bio

Ever since I was a child, I’ve only liked chalk from a distance. It’s always super cute to me, but something about the texture makes me cringe. Despite that, I overcame my fear yesterday and bought a can of chalkboard spray paint because I want to make these ornaments from Rust & Sunshine:

chalkboard christmas ornaments

Photo: Michelle DuPuis – Rust & Sunshine

ABBI: I agree with Jessica. I like to look at chalkboard decor, but the idea of writing with chalk makes me shudder. The sound of chalk on the board — ugh, I cannot handle it. That said, I could see ordering a pre-made chalkboard sign, like this one from Etsy. Someone else does the cringe-worthy work and I get to enjoy the look. Plus, it’s got a coat of acrylic paint so it won’t fade:

wedding chalkboard sign

GRANT: I guess I’m OK with chalkboard paint on walls. I’m not, however, OK with letting kiddos go wild on it and leaving it there. I wasn’t blessed with nerves that could tolerate this:

messy chalkboard

LILI: I’m afraid I’m with Grant on this one. With two 5-year-olds at home, I don’t think I’d ever be able to maintain order over a chalkboard wall. However, it would provide ample opportunity to wash the chalk off…(I always loved being picked by my teacher to wash the board. Nerd alert!)

SARAH: Here’s part of my chalkboard wall at home:

sarah chalkboard wall

This demonstrates one problem with chalkboard-painted walls: sentimental types like myself never want to erase it. Do you see the ‘Happy New Year’? Yeah, we were celebrating the beginning of 2008. And ‘Happy Birthday Andrew!’ was when he was 4. He just turned 8. I kid you not. As far as kids drawing on it, I’ll keep that part cropped out of the photo. Although, after they draw on the non-chalkboard-painted walls of the room, the novelty wears off. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

KAYLA: I love the idea of chalkboard everything, but I have a little bit of Adrian Monk in me and I know the dust and mess would drive me CRAZY. I think small, chalkboard wine charms are better suited for me.

chalkboard wine charms

LIZ: Granted, I have no children and enjoy chalkboard paint because drawing on the walls lets me feel like a mad scientist in the best possible way. But doubters, let me introduce you to….

1)      Chalkboard markers: less mess and no chance of nails-on-chalkboard sound effects

2)      Roll-up chalkboard mats: to get rid of the mess at your convenience

chalkboard mats

ABBI: Liz, those chalkboard markers are genius. I might have to rethink my stance on chalkboards now that the horrible noises have been taken out of the equation.

MARIANNE: I’m a huge fan of the chalk marker! I used them here to make all of your Christmas presents (surprise!).

chalkboard marker tins

FARIMA: My favorite image on our site is this headboard:

chalkboard headboard

I think writing sweet or funny messages would make getting up early easier. Maybe not, but either way I would love a chalkboard headboard or wall in my house. And I don’t have any kids, but I would imagine letting them loose with chalk would be better than permanent markers on your freshly-painted walls.

MARIANNE: My hair would totally erase that headboard.

FARIMA: LOL, good point. And I would probably end up writing cranky messages more than sweet or funny ones.

We’ve schooled you on our chalkboard opinions, now tell us how you feel:

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  2. Brooke Golubow says:

    I think its nice to have something in your house that is entirely customizable and changeable at the drop of the hat. I thinks it gives us the freedom to try new things with out having to be commited to them indefinitely. Anything that sparks creativity is a good thing in my book!

  3. Carter says:

    It depends on who the artist is! My daughter was recently recognized for her work on the Richmond, VA Homearama Showcase by the YoungHouseLove blog family. There are no shortage of people wanting to get in touch with her!

  4. Patricia Weigand says:

    Having worked in a school for 26 years and seeing what a mess chalkboards can make in a room … I would NEVER have a chalkboard in my home.

  5. gracey says:

    I love chalkboard paint…though I have yet to use it. Besides, classroom chalkboards are being rapidly replaced by whiteboards and smartboards so better to find some good use for it – I want to do some chalkboard pant on a cabinet I have in my home office/grandkids hangout…one of these days :)

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