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Many families start decorating for the holidays immediately after Thanksgiving, and if you’re one of those families, you may have already wrestled with today’s tricky DIY material. Yes, I’m talking about string lights. You can use them outdoors and on your Christmas tree (once you get them untangled, that is!), but there are so many more ways to deck the halls with their twinkle. Take a break from your Cyber Monday shopping and admire how versatile the glowing strands can be.

christmas lights in birdcage

Photo: Cabin & Cottage

I know why this birdcage sings! Jacqueline at Cabin & Cottage took the romantic piece and put string lights inside for an extra-special holiday touch. It’s somehow unexpected yet completely natural next to that tree, don’t you think?

christmas lights art

Grab a canvas and create some twinkle light art with this simple step-by-step seen on Apartment Therapy. And hey, it’s not strictly holiday decor, so if you fall in love with your work, you can display it year-round.

christmas lights bow banner

Photo: Studio DIY

Gift wrap bows can pretty up a present, but I think they really shine when paired with Christmas lights. Get the tutorial from Kelly at Studio DIY and drape your handiwork over a mantel for maximum impact. (Safety note: Kelly recommends LED lights for this project as they do not get as hot as traditional lights, but warns that they’re not meant to be used for long periods of time or left unattended. That’s good advice for all the ideas in this roundup. Please craft and celebrate responsibly!)

christmas lights cup garland

Photo: Hey Gorgeous

Dixie cups are another smart way to accent plain LED string lights. The cups act as little shades, so the glow they throw is soft and sweet. Head over to the appropriately-named Hey Gorgeous blog to get all the details.

christmas lights letter

Welcome Christmas visitors with a string light statement piece in your entry, like this display via House to Home. Looking for an architectural letter similar to the one seen here? Make one with our easy instructions.

Which indoor Christmas string light idea shines the brightest? And are there any household items you think I should mine for hidden craft potential? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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