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How does a luxurious interior design sensation like Miles Redd create a brand of “cozy glamour” and step into the world of design? It all started at age five.

“When I was a boy growing up in Atlanta, Ga., my mother had a copy of Cecil Beaton‘s book The Royal Portraits that I used to flip through for hours on end. The photographs are heavy stuff: Princess Elizabeth in ermine coronation robes, holding scepters; Princess Margaret in an immense tulle ball gown splayed across a red damask banquette. After that, there wasn’t a prayer for me; my five-year-old eyes had seen what appeared to be the height of chic, and there was no turning back, at least not until I had my own tufted red madness. It was my first glimpse of the great big glittering world to which I wanted to belong.” — Miles Redd, The Big Book of Chic

The Big Book of Chic

Miles was inspired by chic, elegant decor at a young age and remains drawn to the same style of living to this day. I truly believe you can learn the most about a person by looking at their photographs, and interior designers often convey their personality through their designs. Miles’ newest book, The Big Book of Chic (Assouline, 2012), does just that. It’s 300 pages long with 150 full-page illustrations, giving readers a glimpse into what inspires Miles and provides intimate portraits of a beautiful, sophisticated life. You know, a group gathered around a well-dressed table enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails; an elegant man stepping off a private jet with his dog; and a photo of Princess Margaret in a luxurious tulle ball gown. Quotes from Marcel Proust, Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso, Henry James and Alexander Pope (just to name a few) are truly the icing on the cake of this beautifully-illustrated book.

Plus, readers can peek into several of Miles’ own townhouse and beach house projects in Houston, Atlanta, Millbrook and Locust Valley. What I love most about this book is that I can be staring at the details of an antique crystal chandelier on one page and turn to a picture of Miles in a tuxedo standing on a chair in a mirrored room.

Miles ReddCourtesy of Cameron Krone

Step inside the colorful, whimsical, inspirational, spirited and eclectic world that is Miles Redd.

The Big of Chic Interiors© Francesco Lagnese

“There are chemists who spend their whole lives trying to find out what’s in a lump of sugar. I want to know one thing. What is color?” — Pablo Picasso, featured in The Big Book of Chic

The Big Book of Chic InteriorsCourtesy of Marlyn Thompson

“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” — Francis Bacon, featured in The Big Book of Chic

The Big Book of Chic - Miles Redd© Martyn Thompson

The Big Book of Chic - Miles Redd© Doug Friedman

“But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted … He lived happily ever after.” — Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), featured in The Big Book of Chic

The Big Book of Chic Table Setting© Quentin Bacon

The Big Book of Chic InteriorsLeft: © James Merrill; Right: © Paul Costello

“Genius creates, and taste preserves. Taste is the good sense of genius; without taste, genius is only sublime folly.” — Alexander Pope, featured in The Big Book of Chic

The Big Book of Chic VignetteReprinted with permission from House Beautiful © 1997 Hearst Communications, Inc., all rights reserved, photo by Oberto Gili.

The Big Book of Chic - Miles Redd© Paul Costello

Dying to see more? This is definitely a book you can get sucked into over and over again. Head over to Assouline.com to pick up your copy of The Big Book of Chic today. This is the perfect gift for any design aficionado or a sightly addition to your own coffee table.

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  1. RSS says:

    All these interesting pictures from the book definitely make me want a copy of it.

  2. Michele Pointer says:

    I would get this book. Looks good.

  3. My Complaint says:

    This book must so nice. All designs are classic but so wonderful.
    My Complaint

  4. Two Steps From Home says:

    Two Steps From Home Great news. I like these designs.

  5. Goddesign says:

    Does anybody know, why the high quality designer shows were cancelled for HGTV programs?/ Candice Tells All,Color Splash,Dear Genevieve and so on/
    Where can I see these shows?

  6. Goddesign says:

    If this is not a right blog to post my question, please forward it to a proper forum. Why do producers invest on the DS seasons, if they do not produce the winners' shows? Where are the other highly rated decorator shows? Can somebody provide me some answer?

  7. Like the review of the ‘beautifully-illustrated book’! The included designs are so wonderful that I’m thinking about redesigning the interior portion of the house according to the suggested clues ;) ! I wanna collect one copy of "The Big Book of Chic today" for mine as early as possible. Thanks for writing about a nice book.

  8. I guess no living area will truly be complete without some stunning interior design. If anything, it goes a long way into making the place feel homey.

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