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Have you ever seen a new product and asked yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” If you haven’t before, well you’re about to.

The Broom Groomer Dustpan sports rubber “teeth” on its back that allows you to quickly and easily comb out dust bunnies from your broom’s bristles (duh – shouldn’t they all have this?). And to make this dustpan even more amazeballs, it also has a foot pedal built into the handle so that your foot can steady it for hands-free sweeping (my mind has been blown).

Broom Groomer Dustpan

For this neat-freak boy — this is revolutionary!


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8 Responses

  1. Gina A. says:

    This is the most clever thing I've seen in ages! I want one!

  2. BJC says:

    This broom looks like it would get the job done.

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  4. Rita says:

    Looks like a good one.

  5. DeeJ says:

    Did I read right? I clicked on the link to the product and it said $749.

    What kind of asshole spends $749 on a dustpan?

  6. jam says:

    No, you read incorrectly n the company is based in Ibdia and the currency is not in US Dollars!

  7. DeeJ says:

    Lol oh thank god. That really shook my faith in humanity for a minute there.

  8. L.B. says:

    That's exactly what I need.

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