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BRIANA: Forget the whole real tree vs. fake tree debate. Let’s taste the rainbow. Do colorful Christmas trees make you say “Ho, ho, ho!” or “NO, NO, NO!”?

pink christmas tree

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: I prefer a bold-colored tree over the usual green. It sparks more creativity for putting together an unexpected Christmas color scheme. For example: Hot pink and seafoam ornaments on a hunter green pine tree make no impact and look stupid-ish. Stick those sassy mommas on an ultra-white, turquoise or black tree and KAZAM!, graphic, technicolor world peace.

GRANT: I’m a traditionalist in most other decor areas, but goodness gracious — I am sick to death of green trees and all-white lights. For the love, why is that still popular? For that matter, why are outdoor icicle lights still happening? It. Doesn’t. Look. Like. Snow. But, I digress. Ho, ho, ho, bring on some color!

red christmas tree

KAYLA: I’m going to defend the trend with a picture of the top half of my Christmas tree. It’s icy purple (yay, Grant!) and covered in pink bow ornaments, cupcakes and silver balls. Glitter everywhere. Obviously my boyfriend is thrilled with the uber-feminine holiday decor.

kayla christmas tree

MARIANNE: Our big tree is a real one, but it’s decorated in a riot of color (big colorful lights, bubble lights, and vintage ornaments!). I do have a tiny, glittery pink tree in another room that I have a real soft spot for. I just can’t let go of my real tree.

ABBI: I am now obsessed with Grant’s red Christmas tree. That. Is. Amazing. But, I’m also drawn to a semi-new trend that Grant wrote about on the blog: black Christmas trees. I think that light and colorful ornaments would just pop out and look so cool on a dark, dark tree like this:
black christmas tree

LIZ: I was totally torn this year. I love the tradition of going to pick out a real tree and dressing it with vintage ornaments, but sparkly trees are just so fun! I’m especially loving vintage aluminum trees:

vintage christmas tree

So I have a large real tree, and a small silver tinsel tree. Who knows, I may get Grant’s red tree and have THREE next year.

FARIMA: I love that vintage tree! I don’t like the smell of a real tree in my house, so I’m all about artificial ones. The colorful ones remind me of candy and feel more festive than the traditional green.

CAMILLE: I feel the same way about the crazy colorful trees as I do about the SUVs dressed up like reindeer or grown adults wearing sweaters that light up – they’re funny, a little bit of Christmas kitsch. Would I have one in my house? No fa-la-la way.

christmas novelties

Photo, from left to right: The Daily Green, Party City

You’ve heard our spectrum of opinions on colorful Christmas trees, now tell us how YOU feel:


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  3. Sharon says:

    Certainly not my style, but I think it can be fun in the right place.

  4. Kinetic68 says:

    I remember our white flocked tree with the color wheel giving us an ever changing splash of color. I remember it, but I don't miss it or my grandparents aluminum tree. Sorry, for me Christmas is about traditions. I don't need a designer tree to impress the neighbors. I'll stick with the real thing (or a great imitation) covered with the decorations that we have collected through the years. They don't all match, but they all have good memories connected to them.

  5. elicbxn says:

    I'm allergic to real trees and the cats would like any tree too much. Love the red one, but won't have any of them in the house!

  6. rosewood11 says:

    We've scaled back our Christmas decorating quite a bit, and this year we decided to forego getting down the 6ft white tree (which I LOVE, even if it is big), and got a little aqua tree. We've always used aqua somewhere in our decor, and I had lots of various white ornaments. It was pretty, inexpensive, and took about a half-hour to put up. There are some colors I wouldn't want (football team colors come to mind!!!), but I really enjoyed our new aqua tree.

  7. Nancy says:

    yes, the white looks like fallen snow on the branches. You can get plenty of color and creativity with the ornaments. I can't believe the gaudiness of the colors they are coming out with now. Also, lets remember that this is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus.

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