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Brrrr! I really could have stayed in bed a few more hours this morning, how about you? Mondays are always a little bit rough, especially in the cooler seasons, but I have a cozy board for you all this week that will warm you up from head to toe.

Mood Board Monday: Winter CozinessCocoa ::  Cozy Bedroom :: Socks :: Tray :: Fireplace :: Baby :: Cat :: Blankets

How do you stay warm in the winter? Light up the fireplace? Snuggle up with pets? Make homemade cocoa? Tell us below!

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6 Responses

  1. AMW says:

    Beautiful cat pictured. Snuggly and cuddly.

  2. Lois says:

    I love the cozy mood board. It doesn't always have to be a specific color.

  3. ncathey says:

    warm, bubbbbly bath or spa hot tub at rec center after a work out….. sweat and stretch… and relaxing in the tub, or a massage……

  4. sharon says:

    Tree, gifts, stocking,ornaments

  5. Charleen says:

    The cold days bring me indoors…and I find this is when I appreciate my home most. I spend time tidying areas i usually skim over. I feed and groom the plants and choose winter home scents with care. I love color and texture and attempt to bring the sky and clouds in…blue gray sofa…soft gray carpet…tea tray with Earle Gray…and hot baths with rich vanilla creme for my skin…time slows down…lovely…

  6. delightful denise says:

    Cold days seem to wrap themselves around me, so when I am not at school (teaching 5th graders), I wrap myself in my husband's old terrycloth bathrobe with a throw at my feet, snuggle on the sofa in the den, and do my favorite thing, (with a hot cup of java), … watch TV of course!

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