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If your holiday guests include babies or toddlers, take a few steps to make your home safe.

As a mom who has made (and survived!) several overnight trips with babies and toddlers, I can attest to the importance of creating a child-proof space. Plus, it will be a much more enjoyable visit for everyone.

Make your home safe with a few child proof tricks and tips..

If babies are on the move, be sure to keep these things out of reach:

  • Medications
  • Household cleansers
  • Sharp kitchen utensils
  • Window blind cords
  • *Choking hazards

*It’s considered a choking hazard if the object fits through a toilet paper roll.

Rubber-coated hairbands serve as quick-fixes for cabinets with non-lethal contents, like games or pots and pans. (You’ll want stronger locks for cabinets containing cleansers, alcohol or medications.)

Child-proof door latches can be pricey and hard to install. One inexpensive and simple solution is to place a washcloth in between any interior door and frame while closing the door. To open, pull on the washcloth while pulling open the door.

Also, make sure kids can’t access the tops of staircases. You can purchase a safety gate for as little as $12.

Outlet covers (about $5 for a pack of 12) are another worthwhile investment. Placing them over unused outlets keeps kids from sticking objects into the outlet. Electrical shock and even electrocution can occur.

Don’t forget about the fireplace. I know there are child-proof gates, locks and tricks with pool noodles but do mom a favor and just barricade it with furniture. With kids and fireplaces, it really is like moths to a flame (even where the fire isn’t lit).

Holiday decorations add even more challenges to making your home safe for little ones. Christmas trees are especially dangerous with breakable ornaments and metal hooks.

So as you prepare a space for holiday guests, both big and small, make your home as safe and as stress-free as possible because spending the holidays with a baby or toddler can be a truly magical experience. Enjoy it!

Do you have advice for creating a safe place for babies and toddlers?  



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