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With all of the stuff that comes with the holidays, it’s no wonder that storage and organization topics are trending on HGTV.com.

This year, I’ve vowed to upgrade my Christmas decorations storage. This list of 12 Holiday Organizing Essentials has been extremely helpful and inspiring.

Store Christmas decorations

This is also a great time to clean out and organize your pantry.

Pantry Organization

With two kids, making space for new toys is always a challenge for me. This Christmas, our son added to his vast collection of Legos. If you’ve ever stepped on a tiny toy, you know the importance of having plenty of buckets, baskets and bins.
Kids' room organization and toy storage
How do you stay organized?

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  1. Leslie W says:

    All of our Christmas items have specific boxes, which are then stored in two trunks, with the tree box on top of them in a closet. We have a very tiny house, so it's critical that seasonal items are stored in something sturdy, stackable, and out of the way.

  2. betty says:

    100yr old house,5400sq.ft. TWO CLOSETS total..Christmas decorations alone,could fill a two car garage,(Love X-mas),Any Ideas for that:-) :-)

  3. albert says:

    oh well, I actually have no idea about this thing here yet but I am always looking forward for it now. restore credit after bankruptcy

  4. David Agostinos says:

    One way to save house space is to use box organizer and sort out those home clutters. I can easily pull out those things that I needed, usually I am organizing all those things according on its category Agostinos Interiors

  5. michaelmaloney says:

    I love new and refreshing storage ideas! Thanks for sharing these amazing ones. I think the clear Christmas storage box is really neat and at the same time pretty to look at. I think it works well as a decorative item too! And your pantry looks amazing! There is just so much storage space created by simply organizing all the tiny bits and pieces here and there! I totally agree that it is an immense chore when it comes to children's toys. They seem endless and you have to keep creating new storage ideas every single day!

  6. Matt Dart says:

    Self-storage are so cheap these days you can easily put away your holiday decorations, utensils, tapestries, linens and furniture for future seasonal KIV. It’s a great way to reuse and recreate your old Christmas stuff, save space at home AND do-up your place with festive mood when the time comes.

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