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19 Responses

  1. sandy says:

    wow, I agree but still like love it or list it, but miss the quilt show, I also would like to see more rooms done over that are the sizes most of us have in our homes. Anyone can do wonders when the rooms are huge?? I have a medium size kitchen that will be re-done in the future, would like to see ideas.

  2. Claire says:

    Another agreement with all above. Loved Candice, Sarah's Home, Design Inc. Dear Genevieve. I'm in the profession but love seeing what others r doing. Don't care about House Hunters , Property Brothers ok but agree w other post , not realistic ( I do reno's) . Love ur blog and site. But please give us some good shows again!

  3. Robin says:

    I agree! I think they should rename the network real estate tv. It used to be so fun to watch and get ideas. There were shows that ranged in budget so anyone could be inspired but now hardly any design and the shows they do have seem like the same ones on DIY. Every episode looks the same!

  4. Terri says:

    So happy to hear others' comments reflect my own thinking. HGTV used to be my favorite station. The first one I would go to when I turned on the TV. Now it seems there are mostly ridiculously staged programs about buying or selling homes. Decorating shows are the reason I tuned in. I love Sarah, Candice, Sabrina, David, etc I need everyday ideas. Sensibly Chic, the High Low projects, Design on a Dime, these programs show how to get designer looks on a reasonable budget. I also like programs about finding & re-purposing old furniture items. I hardly watch your station anymore.
    Please bring back the good shows.

  5. Maribel Jasso says:

    Bring back more gardening shows!!! I think you can get ideas from all the major work shown on your shows and try to duplicate them at your cost scale.

  6. BJ Elmore says:

    Found this post by accident, but agree with much of it. Funny, but I to this day wonder what happened to MY FAVORITE HGTV show ever was the one where the red head did rooms for $500 and they were amazing, Penny Wise (?) or something like that. And I know it can still be done because I entertain and decorate like that on extreme budget. I did our mountain house, 3 floors, EVERYTHING, from furniture, mattresses, TVs, kitchen set up, accessories…EVERYTHING…for less than $9,300. and people love it.

  7. Erica Johnson says:

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