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We all want to ring in the New Year with something truly memorable, and of course, fun. Still searching for something to make your bash one-of-a-kind? This New Year’s Eve, gather friends and commemorate 2012 with a DIY photo booth, complete with our custom-designed printable props.

Photobooth for New Year's Eve

A basic digital point-and-shoot camera works perfectly for a DIY photo booth. You’ll also need a tripod that’s tall enough to extend to eye level. A remote shutter release allows guests to take their own photo, letting you enjoy the party instead of playing photographer all night. Learn more about setting up your photo booth >>

Once you have the basic equipment, you’ll need a backdrop. This is where you get to show off your creative skills. A printed fabric backdrop is most common, but why limit yourself to store-bought options? Make one that adds life to the photos.

Create the rainbow-colored backdrop above by dipping the tips of paper coffee filters into multi-hued fabric dyes. Glue them to a foam board for a floral effect.  To make the glitzy chevron backdrop below, glue stripes of jumbo gold sequins onto black foam board.  For a simpler backdrop, hang a section of Kraft paper and paint it with gold stripes or polka dots.

Photo Booth Balloon

Next up: the props. Start with your own closet: that furry scarf you got as a gift but never wore, those silky gloves that belonged to your great aunt, and that fascinator you wore to the races can all become kitschy props. Ask your friends to scavenge their own closets for similar items.

Photo Booth Props

Printable props can also add whimsy to your photo booth. Download our collection of printable props:

Assemble all your props on a table, then let your guests get creative behind the camera! After the party, upload the shots to an online album or send out a print to each guest as a keepsake.

Photo Booth Mask Props


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