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I’m one of those people with hundreds of DIY projects on my to-do list. You know, turn a cutting board into a side table, washi-tape my sofa legs, construct a hanging outdoor bar and ombre a dresser. Some of those are pretty big projects, and I live in an apartment without a proper place to paint, so I decided to start small this week with a project from our very own HGTV.com.

As the co-editor for HGTV.com’s Holiday House package, I’ve been swooning over the wine bottle candelabra project since it came in. I started storing my empty wine bottles, and once I had enough, I got to work with my spray paint.

Wine Bottle CandelabrasWine bottle candelabras light up the entryway at HGTV.com’s Holiday House.

As you can see, the wine bottle candelabras were constructed as dramatic entryway lighting at this year’s Holiday House. (That’s a lot of vino!) Since I don’t have an entryway, I took a different approach. See how my wine bottle candelabras turned out after the jump.

Wine Bottle CandelabrasDIY wine bottle candelabras as a centerpiece at my house

Ta-da! I spray painted five wine bottles of various shapes and sizes in a shiny metallic silver. Then, to make the candlesticks fit into the bottle mouths, I melted the bottom of the candlesticks down just a little all the way around. Once the candle wax drips down the bottles, they’ll look even better. For now, they’re sitting on my dining table with my hot-pink vintage busts and some ombre-painted pinecones.

Which HGTV.com projects have you tried recently? Did you add your own twist? Tell me below. 


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5 Responses

  1. Jennifer Bledsoe says:

    They look great Kayla! And I love the hot-pink vintage busts.

  2. Carol says:

    The wine bottles candalabra looks grear! Do you have any ideas on how to construct a cobalt blue wine bottle tree? Carol

  3. KRN says:

    I love how good it looks when the wax is running over the sides. Perfect.

  4. Scotty says:

    Do you really think we belive your prices in Hawaii??? We used to live there!!! Idiots!!!

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