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Raise a toast to the New Year by entering for a chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2013, a gorgeous, low-country Zen farmhouse with a modern twist in Kiawah, S.C. The nature-lover’s escape is just minutes away from historic Charleston.

Watch the special tonight at 7 p.m. EST with host Monica Pedersen and try making the HGTV Dream Home 2013 signature cocktail, The New South.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 Signature Cocktail

Photography by Jeremy Higgs, Charleston S.C.

It’s a sophisticated southern drink made with North Carolina-based Troy & Son’s Oak Reserve Whiskey, created by Charleston mixologist John Aquino who shared this how-to video:

YouTube Preview Image

The New South

Stir 2 oz Troy and Son’s Oak Reserve Whiskey with 1 1/2 tsp Jo Snow *Cherry & Thyme Syrup. Serve on the rocks, top with a couple splashes of soda water and garnish with an orange wedge and brandied cherries.

*To make your own Cherry & Thyme Syrup: Combine 12 oz. Black Cherry Extract (find it at your local grocery or health food store) and a handful of thyme in 6 oz. of water. Heat to steep for about an hour, then strain and chill.

John recommends infusing the bottle of Troy and Son’s Reserve with one medium orange peel (no pith); after 2 days, remove peel and keep in cool area.

20 Responses

  1. Beautiful looking drink. Love it!!!

  2. Kandace says:

    My husbands a mixologist, we watched the preview tonight and enjoyed every minute of it. I can just see our three little boys playing outside and my husband and I drinking one of these. :)

  3. guayo56 says:

    I love this home, but I wonder how much has to go on taxes and insurance for a home worth home than a million dollar!

  4. Kimberlee says:

    I wanted to tell you a little about Kiahwah, S.C. We moved there in 1977 or 78. At the time we were one of the first 200 homeowners. It was owned by the Kiuwait (sp?). They were trying to get more lots sold do they had these really lavish cocktail parties. Our whole family would go, and I was all of 13.
    The island was named after the group of Indians that originally lived there. The sand so hard they actually once had horse racing on the beach. Originally they had a lot of wild species there including wild horses and bobcats. The horses were eventually put down because a disease that had spread through the herd. Of course this was when the 1st phase was being developed and the Vanderhorst house was falling down and we all thought it was haunted. Its been restored now and is beautiful.
    Although we moved from there in 1982 or 1983, the few times I have been back it was more stunning and more tranquil then I ever could imagine! Its a beautiful friendly place. Whoever wins this house is really in for a great treat. It was a wonderful place to grow up. I have the fondest memories of the place and the people

  5. amaesing5 says:

    I <3 whiskey and will be trying this new south. Cheers ^_^

  6. Jake says:

    That drink looks yummy!
    Thanks Kimberlee! Looks like a very picturesque and inviting place to live! Wold love to retire there!

  7. Linda Sugg says:

    I have been a HGTV nut since we found out we could get a dish. Mat and Sherri were on. I love Design Star. I got the nerve up and Called hgtv and told the girl I did not like way they were dressing David. He looked like a geek. We laughed together. Every one knows my TV is always on hgtv. That dream home is not far (Myrtle Beach is app. 16o miles away) . I love- love-love that house. I could really use that car. After entering all the dream home contest my husband and 2 children would not believe I finally won something. Your favorite fan will always look forward to the next dream house.Linda Sugg

    • shop_suzi says:

      I remember not only Matt and Sherri but the original man (whose name is not coming to mind) who did the first "Designing for the Sexes". Loved his bow ties! Lisa LaPorta joined him in the end. Too fun remembering.

  8. Jill S says:

    Can wait to try this drink, 2 days is a lond way away!

  9. chr1551 says:

    This toast should go to everyone who put so much hard work into that beautiful home-from ground up !!!!!!

  10. kalilly says:

    This is such a beautiful home- in what looks to be a lovely location! I am truly obsessed! I cannot wait to try this drink on the deck with my toes in the plunge pool and my eyes on that incredible view…HGTV- you outdid yourselves with Dream Home 2013!!!!

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