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BRIANA: Wall decals can be fun and are definitely convenient (especially for my fellow renters, holla!), but when I saw them in my fiancé’s grandparents’ home over the holiday break, I knew they’d reached peak saturation. So, are you tired of this trend? Or are you still stuck on decals?

flock of birds wall decals

KELLEY: I loved them at first – so cute! So clever! I especially liked the chandeliers. Now when I see them, I shudder. They feel so two years ago. Oversaturation is right!

LILI: I will admit that I may have a tree branch over my bed, not unlike this one:

branch wall decal

(Note: not my actual bed here.) And I like my branches, especially since I don’t have a headboard. It anchors the space and looks pretty without being overly feminine. However! I am really annoyed by every other decal I see in “grown-up” rooms. Does that make me a hypocrite? Definitely. For me, the exception is childrens’ rooms where they make perfect sense and are as easily changeable as a growing kid’s tastes:

flower decals

SARAH: The fabulous pinners on HGTV’s Pinterest love this decal headboard alternative. This is a teen’s bedroom submitted by RMS user dodi.

wall decal headboard alternative

DAVID HAYNES: Is this a reboot on stencil painting? Stenciling — as once-upon-a-time advocated boldly in how-to segments on our very own networks — and now soundly admonished on the recent DIY special, That’s So ‘90s.

90s stencil pattern

Are we ready for ‘90s nostalgia?

: I’m over most of them, but I’ll admit I was eyeing this for my little girl’s room:

fishwall decals

It’s so much cheaper (and less permanent!) than wallpaper and would make a charming accent wall.

: LOVE that for a little girl’s room. It’s also a great idea for apartment dwellers who want a colorful but removable kitchen backsplash.

FARIMA: I’m not really a fan, but I do think it’s a great option if you can’t paint the walls.

KAYLA: Marianne, I *love* that! I’m tired of the chandeliers, birds on a wire and Eiffel Towers you see everywhere, but I like the idea of Christmas tree decals if you want to add a festive touch to a small home or kids room:

christmas tree decal

Or decals to dress up the fifth wall:

ceiling decal

But no, I don’t want Ctrl, Alt, Del decals over my bathtub or anywhere in my home, thanks.

bathtub decal

LIZ: I had this decal in my old apartment in bright green. Sure, my boyfriend and I almost killed each other putting it up, but it was totally worth it.

city building decal

Wall decals have come a long way (you can even get herringbone wall tiles!), but some designs have “over-stuck” their welcome.  If it’s not surprising, why hang ‘em?

GRANT: Flying birdies seem to be popular when it comes to wall decals — and I don’t care for that one bit. These pigeons need to be roosted on one of Lili’s tree limbs — mid-air flocks give me the creeps.

bird decals over bathtub

KELLEY: I think Grant just won the Internets with that response.

hitchcock birds

MARIANNE: Roosted? Or roasted?

LILI: There totally are birds in my trees.

CAMILLE: Preferable to bats in your belfry!

GRANT: As long as they are keeping their seats, I’m good.

We’ve plastered this post with our opinions on wall decals, now tell us what YOU think:


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42 Responses

  1. Nelly Bloom says:

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. Wall decals are still beautiful and doesn't get out of trend. I have seen creative wall art decals here: http://nellybloom.com/

  2. Sharon says:

    They were interesting the FIRST time I saw them . . . .

  3. Jane says:

    I like a decal that makes a statement (in words). I feel like it makes a point, draws the eye, and creates interest. HOWEVER.. It cannot be maudlin, trite, or cliche. Something unexpected to look at? Yes!

  4. rosewood11 says:

    It depends on the design. I LOVE the dandelion silhouette on the gray wall (above), but the multi-color flowers in the children's room make me hurt.

  5. Melissa says:

    I think as long as they are not overdone they are great. I love having them in my kids' rooms because they change the look for cheap. I think in other areas in the house it is nice if done on a single wall and meaningful to the homeowners. A favorite saying in the bedroom or familyroom. I think the family trees are a cute way to display family pictures.

  6. Sophia Jackson says:

    I LOVE the Wall Decals! It’s beautiful and adds a lot to the space!

  7. Lisa Clifton says:

    Wow, great blog! I stumbled across it and got totally wrapped up in your conversation. And I couldn't agree more with of the current wall stickers designs are either suited for children's rooms, or are just becoming anoying. Nothing I would put up in my great room! But the reason I stopped to comment is to direct you to our site, http://www.wallsmarternow.com. Wall-Ahhh! is a groundbreaking new concept in wall decor developed by mural artist Edwin Leishman. All of the designs start with intelligent, beautifully rendered scene with the perfect amount of perspective to make them believable. Then we add in an architectural aspect by incorporating the existing wall into the design, as the actual brick and mortar of the design, and end up with walls literally disappearing into breathtaking, expanded horizons. Your living space can be enlarged by acres, as you realize the added depth and dimension your room takes on. The 1st thing out of our patent attorney's mouth was "it makes the wall disappear". They are printed on the highest quality eco-friendly substrate available with a special adhesive backing that allows for easy installation, removal and reinstalltion , with no damage to existing walls whatsoever. The best way to explain what sets Wall-Ahhh! above and apart from other wall graphics is this: Do you want a picture of Tuscany in your great room? Or do you want Tuscany IN your great room. Because that is the difference. Do me a favor and just give it a glance. The #1 take-away from the site would have to be a video on our More About Us page of Edwin actually installing one of his products. Nothing can better demonstrate the actual implication of this design than to see it put to the test. Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you today. Check out Wall-Ahhh! and let us know what you think. I have a feeling you will be intrigued, to say the least! Lisa Clifton, Wall-Ahhh! Cool walls…just like that!

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