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Recently, we’ve discovered hundreds of people have been searching HGTV.com for “LEGO cufflinks.” Why? Well, none of us in the office can figure it out! If you’re one of our visitors who has been searching, then you know you’ve been getting a disappointing: “Your original search for ‘lego cufflinks’ returned no results.

Have you seen “LEGO cufflinks” on one of our shows? Perhaps one of our sister networks (DIY, Travel Channel or Food Network) have mentioned something to do with them and viewers are getting us confused? Although, I can’t imagine why Travel Channel or Food Network would be talking about such a thing.

This ongoing mystery led me to do a little research on LEGO cufflinks — and well, let me just tell you — these things are pretty darn adorable! I now want a pair! Just look at these from Retro Classy Cufflinks at Etsy.

LEGO Cufflinks

And, please — end our misery! If you’ve been searching HGTV.com for “LEGO cufflinks,” why are you? Tell me in the Comments!


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  1. Lyndsay says:

    A Pinterest link to a blog has a link to HGTV for them. After the link did not show them, I searched HGTV. I've made cufflinks before, so I don't think they will be difficult to do with legos.

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