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I see stunning photographs of homes every day — I mean, come on, look where I work! So, when an image catches my eye that I can’t stop admiring, it’s noteworthy. And, this is one of them.

Deep blue damask wallpaper and plush velvet draperies are paired with an ornate tray ceiling and beautiful woodwork for this sophisticated, traditional dining room. Oversized upholstered dining chairs and a crystal chandelier add drama and glamour to the Candice Olson-designed space.


Candice Olson Dining Room

You can’t stop looking at it, can you?

21 Responses

  1. cecilia markowitz says:

    What a Dream Dining room !!!!!. I wish to have one like that but my dinig room is super small, thank you for showing this beautiful rooms

  2. That is one huge window on the right. Personally, I'd add some curtains or blinds so the room doesn't get too bright, especially in the middle of the day.

  3. It is stunning and elegant. A touch of class for the sophisticated home maker. These are applicable for posh homes.

  4. Carol Darley says:

    Where is Candice Olson????

  5. Pam Powers says:

    I've been waiting; but I think HGTV decided a long time ago to clean house of all the professional designers; that was a sad day for us all. I truly enjoyed watching and learning from Sarah, Candice and Genevieve. They had the training and experience that we look for in a designer. We all are creative and love a challenge. I always tuned into HGTV for help with a design problem. No one at HGTV anymore to help. It's all about buying and selling homes, or moving to new location. I'm looking for another channel to watch. Not everyone out there can afford to hire a Designer. #*&^%##

  6. calipatti says:

    What happened to the professional designers?
    I miss Candice, Sarah, Vern, Genevieve, are you list?
    What happened to the guy who outfitted very small NYC places.
    He sat on high stool in his opening.
    David's Miami style was blah, send him to a large Midwest state.
    I'm sick of buy, remodel & sell!
    Why not mix up your programming?
    Candice and Sarah are lost in deco space, help!

  7. Née née says:

    I miss Candice and Sarah Richardson as well. The shows on now are not as good. Please bring them back Hgtv

  8. emp says:

    HGTV please bring back Candice. She is an amazing designer. I also miss Sarah, Vern and Genevieve. I am disappointed in the current blah programming….give us a program mix.

  9. fab says:

    Am a huge HG TV fan concerning decorating, not real estate ! So disappointing that you show so much home buying. Please bring the former great decorators back.

  10. R Allen says:

    Candice awe the best on hgtv could. It wait for her shows! So sorry to see her go..

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