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I don’t have any kids yet (sorry, Mom!), so all I can do is envy those of you in that stage where you have a little bundle of joy and tons of baby food jars in your recycling bin. Because if my Pinterest observations are correct, those tiny containers are so darn handy and a very popular craft material! Take a look at some of these clever crafts made from empty baby food jars and get ready to do some MacGyvering. Just as soon as your tot finishes those strained peas, that is.

baby food jar vases

Via: Oh Happy Day/Photo: Kate Mathis

These paint-dipped baby food jars from Chiara Alberetti Milott would make any baby shower or child’s birthday party a little brighter. Just fill with cheerful blooms and arrange artfully. Check out the full post on Oh Happy Day for all the instructions.

baby food jar spices
Spices + empty baby food jars + magnets = Fridge magic! Get cooking with Lauren Davison’s clever magnetic spice rack. Right now, my spices are in a complete jumble on an impractically-low shelf in my pantry, so I aspire to this level of organization.

baby food jar pincushion

If you prefer sewing to cooking, try this pretty pin cushion instead! Just follow blogger Jennifer Dawn’s tutorial. Love how the fabric matches the pins and the buttons inside.

baby food jar organizer

Via: Good Housekeeping/Photo: Andrew McCaul

Or, take the pin cushion concept a step further and install jars in your craft room to corral all of your supplies. This setup from Good Housekeeping is a dream for anyone who spends a lot of time at Michael’s.

baby food jar chandelier

Via: Mother Earth Living/Photo: Susan Wasinger

If you’re feeling really ambitious (and you’ve got a good little eater on your hands), this chandelier from Mother Earth Living might be the project for you. It looks right at home in a rustic kitchen, doesn’t it?

Which baby food jar craft had you cooing? And do you have any household supplies you’re wondering how to turn into crafts? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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6 Responses

  1. Louella S. says:

    The chandelier is quaint and amazing!

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  3. Kala S. says:

    Adorable pin cushion.

  4. Lili@HGTV says:

    Oh I love the under-the-shelf craft jars!

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  6. felosan says:

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