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Farima and I conquered the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Market last week. And I feel pretty confident saying that because we got lost less than 20 times, had no blisters, made it to almost every seminar on our schedule AND visited the must-see showrooms on our list. High five! This trade show is aimed more toward home accessories, and while each company had their own signature style, we were still able to spot some can’t-miss trends throughout.


Atlanta Mart TrendsClockwise, left to right: Natural Life / Susan Wallace Barnes via Lifeguard Press / KARMA LIVING / Arcadia Home / Floating Circus / KARMA LIVING

A clear trend roaming through the design world right now is animals. Whether in pillow form, faux taxidermy or biologically-inspired artwork, they’re everywhere. (Have you seen the Portlandia skit “Put a Bird On It“? It’s like that.) And we’re not just talking birds here. Owled out? Sorry, but owls aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they’ve gotten more popular. We saw owls left and right! But, we saw some unexpected creatures coming out of the woodwork for spring 2013: crustaceans, flamingos, elephants, whales and turtles. These animals are dressing up apparel, accessories and home decor in charming ways.


Atlanta Mart TrendsKARMA LIVING

It seems that when you’re at a design trade show and currently in the market for something in your own home, your eyes tend to go straight for that. Hence, my love for these beautiful window treatments from KARMA LIVING. They had virtually their entire collection on display and I was in awe. Their hand-screened, cotton-printed curtains come in various designs for any color palette. Swoon!

Atlanta Mart TrendsClockwise, left to right: Lunares Home / Arcadia Home / ban.do

One of my favorite showrooms was Lunares Home. The designer, Nima Oberoi, creates home decor and entertaining pieces that are fun, bright and infectious. The crisp, white, handcrafted serving utensils (top, left) would make any shindig stylish.

More animals? Arcadia Home takes the faux taxidermy a step further with this colorful zebra wall hook (bottom, left). It’s not only functional but decorative, too. The animal’s bust is made from recycled clothing wrapped around a paper mache core. The best part? Each product is unique. Get the whole collection to create a safari on your wall.

Now, this showroom doesn’t really fit into the realm of interior design, but it was definitely a favorite (bottom, right). Ban.do‘s super colorful and stylish showroom was a selling point for me. They even won an award for their setup! Did you see their giant DIY heart display that HGTV Instagrammed? Need I say more?

So, what are your thoughts on the continuing creatures trend? Tell me below.

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11 Responses

  1. Lynne says:

    I love the fabric in the window treatments. Beautiful.

  2. Emma L. says:

    Zebra wall hook is cool.

  3. Jean C. says:

    I want the cat pillow.

  4. CAN says:

    The owl pillows shown all together look perfect.

  5. WAA says:

    All of the accessories are really nice.

  6. CplusE says:

    I have always been a fan of animal-inspired design. I read somewhere that elephants and dogs are really popular for 2013 — not necessarily together, although it's an intriguing thought!

  7. Polly says:

    I want those owl pillows…ALL of them!

  8. Vickie says:

    Love the feather shaped serving utensils.

  9. debra says:

    Nature will always find it's way into our homes, what a better way to get back in touch with the true fibers of who we are & were we originated from.
    Animals have a calming effect on us whether it's fish in a fish tank or a donkey wrapped in yarn they bring joy & a sense of being into our lives.
    When I'm watching my fish swim around in their tank or my chickens / dogs playing in the yard, my mind is in a peaceful place & all my
    problems seem to disappear during that time. It's so calming I tend to forget my agonizing back pain that consumes my life daily.

  10. A.C. says:

    Forget the animals…I WANT THAT CUPAKE!

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