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BRIANA: I usually strive for an air of impartiality in these intros, but I have to say straight out that I don’t understand the appeal of this trend AT ALL. However, several of you spotted it at High Point, so clearly it’s a thing! That’s right, I’m talking about baby heads.

baby heads at high point

I recently spotted this example on “Pinterest, You Are Drunk”, so at least someone else shares my sentiment about the phenomenon. But what do you think? Are baby heads sweet and offbeat or totally oddball?

MARIANNE: Ick. I don’t like dolls to begin with, so decorating with their eyeless, disembodied heads? No thank you.

KAYLA: This is my nightmare:

baby heads in a glass case

I don’t get it, I don’t like it and I want it to stop right now.

LIZ: Ahhh! In general, I try to avoid decorating with items that play starring roles in horror movies. Who is behind this trend…Chucky?!

LEANNE: Clearly an ironically dark statement on the tribulations of parenting. Think of it as baby taxidermy.

KELLEY: Shoot, Bee. Warn a girl before you send out pictures of those creepy things. I’ll have nightmares for days.

KAYLA: Anyone interested in some carry-along accessories? Morning coffee out of a baby head?

baby doll heads on pinterest

JACKIE MCGILVRAY: Some fava beans and Chianti to go with that purse?

GRANT: I tried to make this look fun, like finding a baby head planterthinking, perhaps the Chia Pet look would at least give me a giggle. It did not. Clover or grass (whatever is in a Chia Pet) protruding from the cherub’s noggin only ups the ick factor.

baby head planter

KELLEY: slaps hands over eyes: Ewwww!! OMG, y’all, stop it with the baby heads! Also, what IS in a Chia Pet?

LILI: Chia Pet is from the newly popular to drink (again, why?) chia seeds.

KELLEY: I’m not sure I like this planet.

KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: Chia is actually very good for you and doesn’t taste too bad. Baby heads, on the other hand, aren’t good for anyone and reflect horrible taste. Thumbs down, fo’ reals.

LILI: Who is behind this? Who could possibly think that this is a good idea?

BRIANA: Well, a girl that I went to high school with is apparently behind these:

baby head products

I did not like high school. (Coincidence?!)

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: Here’s my 2 cents: The appeal comes from the end of the crumbling, neglected mansion look/trend. I think it’s one way to go “Formaldehyde Chic” in a universal, easy-to-do manner.

FARIMA: I am definitely not a fan of this trend. Especially not a fan of the antique baby doll heads. Scary!

antique baby head

LIZ: Ugh, yes. I saw this at a vintage store. It kind of ruined my morning.

baby heads in case

MARIANNE: I don’t want to play anymore.

You’ve heard us cry about baby heads, now tell us what you think:

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