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Just 2 more weeks till Valentine’s Day, can you believe it?

The stores are stocked full of tasty little bon-bons packed into pretty packages — which are all very tempting but so…well, mass-produced. If you’re looking for an easy way to surprise your valentine with an equally pretty box filled with homemade tasty bon-bons, then I’ve got you covered! This heart-and-arrow takeout box is a snap to craft and dipping fortune cookies into chocolate couldn’t be easier — even for a certified non-cook like me.

Kids will love making these to give to classmates, family friends or grandparents, and your wallet will appreciate that the materials can be picked up, inexpensively, at your local market and craft store.

Ready to get started? Get the complete step-by-step instructionsValentine's Day Kids' Craft: How to Make Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies

As a variation to the heart-and-arrow box, I added square corners cut from paper doilies to each side, then surrounded the lace with self-adhesive rhinestones. Valentine's Day Kids' Craft: How to Make Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies

These chocolate-covered fortune cookies are just the right size for a sweet-meets-crunchy bite — plus — the fortunes add a bit of fun. Mix it up by dipping some into dark or milk chocolate, then rolling the still-wet cookies in chopped nuts, coconut or multicolor sprinkles.
Valentine's Day Kids' Craft: How to Make Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies


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  1. Joellen says:

    This is a craft I would definitely do with my kids. Very cute.

  2. Dana S. says:

    Love this craft.

  3. [...] Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies + DIY Takeout Box [...]

  4. Jessica says:

    What a cute idea, thanks for sharing it! You may want to check out some more recipes and crafts for the whole family here: http://www.care.com/child-care-41-easy-diy-valent

  5. [...] Inspiration for handmade valentines is abundant this time of year. While an unofficial poll of 6-year olds tells me that store-bought packs of cards are the way to go in the public school system, I still think our friends and family really appreciate and adore our DIY efforts. Plus, what better way to spend a cold Saturday morning? [...]

  6. [...] Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies + DIY Takeout Box [...]

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