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BRIANA: Balloons seem to be everywhere these days. Design blogs, magazine shoots, entertaining spreads, even engagement photography. (Especially engagement photography.) It’s starting to feel a little bit like the movie Up out there. So, are balloons fun or overdone?


KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: Saw this project on an event-planner-friend’s Pinterest board and thought it was cute for an outdoor party in cold climates:

frozen balloons

Otherwise, balloons outdoors freak me out a little. They remind me of the 1982 World’s Fair when I tragically let go of my red balloon and, through tears, watched it float to heaven. Plus, they always end up getting popped and becoming litter.

DEANNE REVEL: That was one of my first Pinterest boards. Haha!  I’m kinda over it, too. Balloons + tassels seem to be trending. Yes or no?

balloons with tassels

MARIANNE: Oh yes, everyone and their sister is all about those Geronimo Balloon Company-esque balloons and tassels. Me? I feel like it’s been done to death, but there is something so childlike and just plain fun about a huge helium balloon. I still love the giant number/letter balloon trend (this one is from Lu’s second birthday):

lulu with balloons

GRANT: I’m pro-balloon! They’re an easy way to add whimsy to photos. I enjoy that kid-like sense of excitement they bring. Of course, as I expressed back in September – a bunch of balloons evokes a “Let’s pop ‘em!” urge.

balloon filled room

LEANNE: Old trend, new stylists. Fly away, balloons.

KAYLA: I just pinned this photo this week, so clearly I’m still on the balloons train. The more balloons the better, IMO. Oh, and with confetti inside.
heart balloon

I think they’re especially cute in shoots, like this (overdone but still-makes-you-smile) gender reveal photo idea.

LILI: They just make me nervous. I had a big brother with a fork at my 4th birthday party who traumatized me for life. I can’t help it. This especially makes me nervous:

balloon filled room

DAVID HAYNES: http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com/popnow.shtml

ALYSSA SPARACINO: I think there’s something inherently childlike about balloons, no matter the occasion. This can be perfectly heartwarming in one situation and completely misplaced in another. So, I suppose I’m on the fence. The one exception: when the balloons come attached to a delicious bouquet of chocolate-and-cinnamon covered fruit and are used as a congrats for your new job at HGTV. Thanks, Mom! [Ed. Note: Welcome to HGTV, Alyssa!]

congrats balloon

JESSICA: I will support balloons until the end of time. There’s just something magical about a balloon that nothing else can replace. I also have seen Up a dozen times, wore out my copy of The Red Balloon as a child and currently have a Happy Birthday balloon still floating around my house (my birthday was weeks ago), so it might just be me.

happy birthday balloon

FARIMA: I love balloons, especially when they’re floating above you. I took this photo above a “ceiling” of balloons. It was like floating on clouds – magical!

balloon clouds

LIZ: Are balloons super-fun? Yes. Does the balloon-n-tassel combo need to be a fixture in every photo shoot? No. I am, however, in full support of balloon fights, like this one that happened at Alt Summit! Hating that would be like hating life itself.

balloon party at alt
LILI: This whole thread is giving me the creeps! SO many balloons that will potentially POP! Loudly! Squeakily! Make it stoooooooooop!

JESSICA: You remind me of one of those kids that refuses to go into the ball pit at McDonalds, Lili.

We floated our opinions on balloons out there, now tell us what YOU think:


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20 Responses

  1. Ginger C. says:

    Balloons are lighthearted and fun. I say YES to them.

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  3. Kate says:

    Cheery and bright. Love them.

  4. brody says:

    Balloons are always a good idea. When have you ever thought "my day would have been so much better if it hadn't been for that balloon" – no

  5. lcka52 says:

    Soory ballon loves; like a lot of things… control is vital. Living on the coast, I know the damage caused by released ballons. Fish and turtles die after injesting the colorful jellyfish look-a-likes.

  6. B. Hill says:

    Ballons are still very popular, but there are a rising number of children and adults with latex allergies. My son was diagnosed with a latex allergy when he was 2 at his first dental appointment. I spent the next 13 years battling for his rights to exist in a latex-free zone at school. His allergy was severe, meaning if a person had the latex proteins on their hands from a popped balloon and touched him, he could have a fatal reaction. It isn't necessarily the outside of the balloon that is the problem (although it can be), but when popped the latex proteins are released into the air and land on surfaces which can be touched and ingested by an allergic person cause an allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Growing up my son missed out on many birthday parties because there were latex balloons used for decorations. They are everywhere, you never realize that until you are faced with something so serious and even more importantly affects your child. My suggestion is to always use mylar balloons.

  7. Sherry says:

    Balloons will never be out of style.

  8. indimenticabile says:

    hmm. Guess I missed this trend….

  9. Orval Brad says:

    I putted the default configurations and it labored suitable! Owing.

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