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If there’s one thing my frequent estate/garage sale forays has taught me,  it’s that no one need ever pay full price for a candle. Ten bucks for a pillar candle? What?! I can’t remember the last time I shelled out more than $1 for one. The only downside to purchasing secondhand candles is that they’re often dented, scratched or are a color that won’t work with your decor. No worries, a little hot glue and twine will cover up a world of sins.

I recently picked up some bargain candles at an estate sale in Knoxville before heading down to my sister’s work-in-progress beach house. I had some jute twine and furniture webbing left over from other projects so I decided to give these 3 thrifted candles a quick beachy makeover — et voila:  coastal twine-wrapped candles

Pretty, huh? I paid $2 for the 3 candles and, as I said, all the other materials I already had on hand — but, if I had to buy them, this would be a $10-$15 project.  They fit right in with our other beachy bargains:coastal twine-wrapped candles

I know people will ask about fire safety for obvious reasons — twine and upholstery webbing are flammable. First, as with any candle, you shouldn’t leave it burning without supervision — but — I’ve done variations of this project (covering pillar candles in paper, ribbon, bark and even paint) many times and never had a problem. The key is to choose a pillar candle wide enough that the wick burns down the center leaving a wax shell. Don’t try this technique on a narrow pillar or taper candle.

Covering the candles with twine is easy — just start at the bottom, applying hot glue as you turn the candle and attach the twine in sections. You can cover as much of the candle as you wish. As you can see below, this particular candle had an odd raised gold stripe so I covered it completely.  coastal twine-wrapped candles

The upholstery webbing cover was even easier to apply. Just cut a strip large enough to meet in the back, then hot-glue it to the candle along the seam. Disguise the seam by tapping in a few nail heads or thumbtacks. coastal twine-wrapped candles

That’s all — it’s quick, easy and cheap — my favorite kind of project.

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20 Responses

  1. Sheila G. says:

    The candles look awesome. I would never have even thought about buying candles at an estate sale, then re-vamping them. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Mardee says:

    The candles look great Camille. This is changing the subject, but I love your articles and thought you might have some suggestions. I'm on a kick where I'm wanting to put unique decorative items under glass on a cake stand. I've thought about books, family photos in different sized frames, or figurines but wondered if you could give any suggestions. You're very creative and I thought you might have an idea or 2.:)

    • hgtvcamille says:

      Hi Mardee, displaying decorative items under glass is a great way to add an easily-changeable accessory to any space. We're all about Easter now at HG, so I'm picturing a few springy objects — like a bird's nest (faux or found) filled with faux robin's eggs or even foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. You could also create a terrarium effect by placing a small potted plant — like a fern — inside.

      • Mardee says:

        Thanks Camille. These are great suggestions. I love the idea of the bird's nest with faux robin's eggs. I appreciate this! Thank you for responding.

  3. Gail B. says:

    Love the candles. They look so good now. Very beachy.

  4. Donna Keller says:

    Cool candles!

    I must say that I am disappointed that when I try to read the HGTV blog in Google Reader, it only shows a few sentences so I have to click through to the blog in order to view the entire post. This just started in the last few days!

    In the past, I was able to read an entire post in Google Reader, and I clicked through to the blog when I wanted to comment. There are a lot of posts on this blog so when I don't want to comment, it's nice to be able to stay in Reader and move on in a timely manner.

    I hope you will pass this info on to the powers that be, and I hope they change that setting. Perhaps they want to keep a count of readers and that's the reason but I really love reading this blog and I hope they will reconsider. Otherwise, I will need to unsubscribe.

    Thank you.

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  6. Tanya Ward says:

    Great post. Thanks alot for sharing, i really enjoyed reading it.

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  7. KingAlohA says:

    Indeed Dreams do Happen, LOVE the Coastal Concepts!!!

  8. Candy says:

    Seriously not a good idea. I had one piece of jute tied around a candle and it caught fire. These would burn the house down.

  9. sunbev says:

    Great candles am doing 1 beach room and one nautical room in my home. One note with the candles, if they are dirty you can use an old pot and heat h20 to boiling temp and dip the candles to remove the outside dirty wax or outer design colors. Makes them like new. Then you can add just a few strands of raffia/twine knot and hot glue on pearls and shells.

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