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Winter is undeniably one of my favorite seasons, but I’ve checked out early this year. In an attempt to coax spring into coming early, I’ve started the long and grueling process of cleaning my house.

Whether it’s deep cleaning or just tidying up, there are a few ways to go the extra mile and keep your home sparkling. During my spree, I uncovered dirty items around my home that I didn’t even realize were in need of my care. I cannot confirm or deny that I spent 30 minutes vacuuming a loveseat.

Get a head start on your spring cleaning with these deep cleaning tips from HGTV.com's blog, Design Happens.

1. The upholstery. Vacuum couches, chairs, love seats, rugs and mattresses, then spot clean with a rag and warm water. Depending on the fabric, curtains and slipcovers can be tossed in the washing machine.

2. The walls. If you have kids or pets, this might be a no-brainer – those handprints (or pawprints!) add up. Wipe off any loose dust with a soft cloth, then gently scrub off any dirt with an all-purpose cleaner safe for your walls. (Test in an inconspicuous area first if you’re unsure.) Don’t forget the molding!

3. The top of _______.  That means the refrigerator, cabinets, ceiling fan blades, doorways, bookcases, light fixtures and anything else tall that you might be neglecting. Dusters with expandable arms are great for this task.

4. The back of the television. When was the last time you even looked back there? Electronics are quick to collect dust, so clean behind the television as well as the front of it. This is also a good time to reorganize all those loose cords.

5. The appliances. All those savory winter soups can do a number on your stove, and the season’s cold weather might have you running to your coffeemaker more often, so give your appliances a good scrub.

  • Soak oven pans and rings in dishwasher detergent overnight to remove stubborn grease.
  • Brewing a vinegar-water solution through your coffeemaker can improve the taste of your coffee and remove grime.
  • The same idea can be used to clean the dishwasher; place a glass cup or bowl full of vinegar on the top rack and run on the highest setting.
  • For microwaves, heat a bowl of water three minutes – the steam makes it easy to rid the inside of caked-on food.

6. The trash can. If you have a rancid smell lingering in your kitchen that you can’t seem to get rid of, your trash can may be to blame. Wash the sides and insides using an all-purpose cleaner. Let it dry completely before putting in a new bag or the trapped water could mildew.

 7. The garbage disposal. Like your trash can, the garbage disposal can also cause a foul odor if not cleaned regularly. Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture bubble for a few minutes, then pour a bucket of hot water down the drain to rinse. Grind half a lemon in the disposal for extra cleaning power and a fresh scent.

When do you start your spring cleaning?


26 Responses

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  2. Balki44 says:


  3. maria says:

    My home really needs the Spring cleaning right now. It's crying out for it! I have a deep cleaning service coming on Monday. We'll get in all those places, the top of the fridge, windows, fans. I can't wait to have a clean home!

  4. Ana says:

    I must be a "clean freak" because all the suggestions you mentioned I already do when I clean my house. ;-)

  5. Drain Fixt says:

    Thank you Jessica, just seven more things I didn't think of…here is one more for you to add to the list "drains."

  6. Grandmom says:

    Ana and Dona – how can you clean that thoroughly all the time. I work and it's all I can do to keep the household errands done, the bathrooms clean, the dishes done up and vac the floors one a week. If we are running a lot and not at home, the dusting waits for two weeks. Life is just too busy to completely clean it all. Bathrooms, kitchens and a clean bed and I'm satisfied.

  7. Grandmom says:

    Except for once a year Spring Cleaning…. then I try to hit it all.

  8. Paris says:

    I clean okay but I prefer a professional once a month.

  9. JellyBean says:

    Don't forget to move and clean under appliances like the fridge, washer and dryer!!

  10. Candice says:

    I started the beginning of Jan. Painting and cleaning go great together. And the long winter months seem to breeze by:) Love it when it's clean, clean!

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