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Here at HGTV Headquarters, the Home Studio interns are always hard at work revamping our workspace, going on production shoots and meeting with industry insiders. One of their largest projects during their time here, however, is to design and build an interactive vignette in the building that showcases a current and iconic design trend. The structure is switched out every three to four months, and the pieces are repurposed to take our conference rooms from blah to bold. (See how past interns, Rachel Kelly and Justin DiPiero transformed this room using furnishings from the Panton vignette!) Last quarter, Michelle Harper from Savannah College of Art and Design and Megan Rieger from the University of Cincinnati focused on two designs that easily share the same company. Let’s learn more about each look, shall we?

The Curated Home + Louis Comfort Tiffany

HGTV Home Studio Display

HGTV Home Studio Interns - Michelle Harper Megan RiegerHGTV Home Studio Interns, Michelle Harper and Megan Rieger

The Curated Home

HGTV Home Studio Display

Design Happens: What inspired you to choose the curated look for your display?

Megan Rieger: Research! Michelle actually discovered this trend for us.

DH: Do you see this as a trend that will be around for a while?

MR: Yes, definitely. Curation is a trend that is inspired by collections, antiques, personal treasures, etc. These are things that celebrate the passing of time, and so naturally, people perpetually have in their homes. Curation is just a style to allow people to artfully display these cherished items.

HGTV Home Studio Display

DH: How can you create a curated look without it looking “thrown together” or too mismatched?

MR: Vern was constantly cautioning us against this! We used the technique of finding a color to tie all of our disparate furniture pieces and accessories together. This is a really easy way to make sure that everything “fits.” Pick a color (or color family) that you see popping up most frequently in your collections, and use that as the accent color in other areas as well (for example, we used it as our wall color and as color family accents). Anything that doesn’t fit well within this chosen palette will be apparent, and can be adjusted or removed accordingly (i.e. try painting a table to fit, rather than pitching it — we did).

DH: What’s the number one tip you have for people seeking a curated look in their home?

MR: My tip would be to begin by choosing to see the beauty in what you already own. By doing so, you will maintain a reasonable budget and will be more pleased with the result, because it will have that much more personal significance. After all, curation embodies the idea of presenting your home as an expression of yourself.

HGTV Home Studio DisplayWorld Market, Campaign Chair

How to Achieve a Curated Home:

  • Surround yourself with objects you love so that your home reflects your unique and personal style. Include things that tell a story: why you love it, how you got it or why it brings beauty into your life.
  • Pick a piece that truly inspires you and use that as the jumping-off point for your color palette. Think about the mood you want to achieve in the space, and make sure there is a balance between the bright and neutral colors.
  • The textures of the items you choose to personalize your space affect the feel of the room. Without layering design elements and adding various textures to the space, it would feel cold and uninviting.
  • Adding vintage and secondhand pieces is what truly gives your space a very personal, lived-in feel. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind antique or something you inherited, this added layer gives your home soul.

HGTV Home Studio DisplayRobert Galusha Design, Klismos Chair

Tips to Layering:

  • Choose a natural fiber rug to place over hardwood floors to add warmth and another textural element.
  • Choose a variety of accessories that have different textural qualities in various shapes and scales to layer and fill the bookshelf.
  • Choose fabrics that relate to each other.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

HGTV Home Studio Display Louis Comfort Tiffany

DH: Why did you choose Louis Comfort Tiffany as your iconic design trend?

MR: Tiffany is an artist that may not get the praise that he deserves. The pioneer of opalescent stained glass, Tiffany single-handedly developed the beautiful watercolor effect that stained glass is associated with today.

DH: How can you tell if the piece you’re getting is a true Tiffany product?

MR: The easiest way to tell would be the price. Unless you are a museum curator or have money to burn, I suggest purchasing a replica of one of Tiffany’s works or an alternate done in Tiffany’s style. There are licensed retailers and manufacturers bearing the Tiffany name (Meyda Tiffany, i.e.) that produce his work for a fraction of the price.

DH: What can you tell readers about Louis Comfort Tiffany that they may not know?

MR: I found it interesting that Louis Tiffany was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany and Co. Tiffany himself dabbled in jewelry, as well. Prolificacy must run in the family!

HGTV Home Studio Display Louis Comfort Tiffany


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    Very good interview. Interesting.

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    Beautiful vignettes. Great job.

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