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Can you believe it’s only 3 weeks till Easter? Time to hop to it and get crafting! For a fun twist on a traditional Easter basket, try a painted pail instead — it’ll look great filled with treats on Easter morning and is just the right size for stashing toys or craft supplies the rest of the year.

All you need is a metal pail, spray paint and round stickers. Get step-by-step instructions here: Easy Kids' Craft: Cute Easter Bucket With Ribbon Roses

The ribbon roses may look complicated but they’re actually a snap. Wired ribbon and scissors are all you need — no sewing necessary. Learn how to make them here:
Easy Kids' Craft: Cute Easter Bucket With Ribbon Roses

So, are you ready for Easter celebrations? No? Well then you’re in luck — check out the project ideas below and keep checking Design Happens for more Easter inspiration to come!

Printable Bunny Ears — Free Printable PDF
Hatching Chick Egg
Kids’ Craft: Dyed Easter Egg Animals — Free Printable PDFs 
How to Make Cascarone Confetti Eggs


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