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After spending early March enduring not only freezing temperatures but also out-of-the-ordinary snow, Knoxville finally saw its first bit of spring weather this weekend. While it’s still a little chilly out, the sunny skies were just what many of us needed to get started on outdoor projects.

The nice weather inspired me to pick up a couple of seed packets and give my poor roommates a break from all our spring cleaning duties. We started a couple of flowers and spring veggies, but I’m most excited for our soon-to-be kitchen herb garden.

Get advice on starting an indoor herb garden for your kitchen or windowsill from HGTV.com's blog, Design Happens.
Growing an herb garden indoors isn’t difficult as long as you know what to plant. Herbs like mint and oregano can tolerate low-light conditions and are easily grown from seed, but herbs like basil and thyme require more sunlight and care to thrive.

Ready to get growing? Get full planting instructions right here.

What are you itching to grow this spring? 



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  1. bythebaydreamer says:

    Jessica, I love the use of plants to get me through the winter months. I have grown some from seed and also have brought several varieties inside in the fall before the ground freezes. I will try growing herbs next! Thank you!:)<3

    • jessicaykr says:

      I've had one very, very reliable houseplant that has been getting me through winter for the last few years. I'm excited to see how all our plants turn out we're trying to start alllll of them from seed!

      Sending good vibes to your future herb garden. Good luck!

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  6. this site says:

    Jessica, I enjoy the usage of crops to have us through the winter season. I have grown some via seed and still have brought a number of versions inside of within the slip ahead of the floor freezes. Let me try developing herbal products following! Thank you!

  7. several varieties inside in the fall before the ground freezes. I will try growing herbs next! Thank you! –

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