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Believe it or not, we’re almost halfway through the month of March. Can you believe it?! That means spring is right around the corner and beautiful flowers are going to start popping up left and right. I’m constantly intrigued (and a bit jealous) of everyone’s gardens. I mean, I live in an apartment where my “garden” consists of a few houseplants and one unknown container of soil on the patio. As a future gardener, I’m constantly searching for tips and ideas. One of my favorite places to seek advice is from our newest sister site, HGTVGardens.com.

Share photos of your plants, flowers, garden and outdoor spaces by joining the HGTV Gardens community. After you join, you’ll be prompted to add a photo of yourself, write a short bio and set your location (this will help determine your gardening zone). After that, you can start uploading images, creating photo albums and writing captions. You can make your albums public or private. I suggest making them public so we can all gawk over your fabulous garden. Go ahead and get started by creating an HGTV Gardens profile.

In the meantime, check out some garden photos from the HGTV.com editorial team.

Passion Flower on HGTVGardens.comPassion flower in Leanne Potts’ garden

Leanne Potts, vice president of editorial, has uploaded pictures of everything from marigolds to cacti. She even includes some plant finds from a recent trip to Santa Fe, NM.

Explore Leanne’s garden at HGTVGardens.com. >> 

Purple Crocuses on HGTVGardens.comPurple crocuses in Liz Gray’s garden

HGTV.com senior editor and Design Happens blogger, Liz Gray, is a self-proclaimed “novice gardener and farmers’ market lover.” If you’ve been following Liz’s series, House Diaries, then you know she recently moved into a home that has provided quite a few surprises, both inside and outside. One of the best things that came with her 1950s home? The daffodils, lilies and crocuses that bloom in the spring.

Explore Liz’s garden at HGTVGardens.com. >>

Raised Garden Bed on HGTVGardens.comRaised garden beds in Abbi McCollum’s yard

HGTV.com programming director and Design Happens blogger, Abbi McCollum, started her very first garden last year with her husband. They built two raised beds and added a few planters. At the end of the season, they had a garden full of zucchini, tomatoes, squash and peppers!

Explore Abbi’s garden at HGTVGardens.com. >>

Hawaiian Plants on HGTVGardens.comUnknown plant sightings on Lili Zarghami’s Hawaiian vacation

Lili Zarghami, HGTV.com editorial director, just recently returned from an enviously warm and relaxing trip to Oahu, Hawaii. During her vacation, she captured several plant sightings. One photo she shares is an autograph tree. You can sign the tree and your signature will stay there forever, she says.

Explore Lili’s plant discoveries at HGTVGardens.com. >>

Tulips on HGTVGardens.comTulips in my kitchen

So, I totally decided to buy myself a Valentine’s Day gift. These tulips hadn’t bloomed yet, but with a little sunshine and some love they opened right up. Now, if I can just keep them alive. Thank goodness for HGTV Gardens!

Explore Kayla’s plant discoveries at HGTVGardens.com. >>

Join the HGTV Gardens community and share your profile with us below!



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  3. Why not just put the wiimote over your head instead of doing the opposite ?? I’m sure it works. Also would this work with 3dvision ??

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