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March is known for one thing in the sports world: the NCAA basketball championship, better known as March Madness. For three straight weeks, basketball fans will be glued to their TVs to see who makes it to the semifinals, finals and then, the Final Four. And for those who don’t care about basketball, I urge you to steer clear of establishments with more than two TVs. You’ll thank me later.

Here on Design Happens, we’re going to have our own little March Madness — design style — to determine the winner of Best Room of the Year. Starting with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, you all can pick your favorite spaces until the final two go head to head.



March Madness: Vote For Your Favorite Kitchen at HGTV's Design Blog


March Madness: Vote For Your Favorite Bathroom at HGTV's Design Blog


March Madness: Vote For Your Favorite Bedroom at HGTV's Design Blog

Head back Thursday for Round Two of D-Happ’s design-inspired March Madness. Be sure to vote in each round to see who will be our winner for Best Room of the Year!

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  1. maria gomez says:

    ok I like it

  2. maria gomez says:

    ok I want it

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