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Shadow boxes are perfect for those of you who love the idea of scrapbooking, but have zero patience for it or just don’t take enough photos. They’re easy to make, fun and a great way to display your memories. I made a beach-themed shadow box, but you can choose any theme you like.

Beachy Shadow Box

What You Need:

  • shadow box
  • your favorite photo
  • burlap (optional)
  • pins or glue stick
  • scrapbook stickers
  • sand
  • seashells

How You Do It:

1. Attach a piece of burlap then your photo to the back of the shadow box with pins or a glue stick.

Attach Photo

2. Attach your scrapbook stickers around the photo to get your desired look.

Add Stickers

3. Pour sand at the bottom of your shadow box.

Pour Sand

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4. Stick seashells in the sand, and attach the back of the frame.

Add Seashells


DIY, Handmade

3 Responses

  1. RSS says:

    Good looking shadow box.

  2. Audrey_1 says:

    It is a beach holiday in the box right there!

  3. AudreyGreenwood says:

    This is a great idea for DIY gifts, although I would not be using sand for a beach themed shadow box. I have also thought of other DIY gifts for birthdays and special anniversaries using discarded office moving boxes in order to start a more environmentally project for some of the company employees. I gathered that a few of the mothers and young ladies in the office and from other office moving companies are also clamoring for such activities.

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