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April Fool’s! See which color we really picked to feature in April.

When we’re searching for the perfect hue to name as HGTV’s Color of the Month, inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places: think a garden plot, a bird’s nest or even a candy cane. The light bulb moment for this month’s color choice? It all started when a mysterious box arrived at HGTV headquarters.

Cardboard Beige - HGTV's April Fool's Color of the Month
Once we pulled off the layers of tape and threw aside the stuffing, the box was empty, with not even a note or return address inside. It seemed like a mistake at first; but then we realized it was a sign. Some of us wanted to transform a conference room into a fort or build a cardboard craft room, but the rest of the group didn’t want to disturb the lovely, muted brown tones of the box. That’s when we realized it was time to make cardboard beige our April Color of the Month.

Unlike too-bold neon hues, cardboard beige is as versatile as it is lovely. Whether used on a boldly-printed sofa or a knitted toast coaster, the color truly gives your space that mid-’80s feel we’re all craving. Bring a double-dose of cardboard beige to your next dinner party tablescape by serving each guest their own box filled with personalized slippers made from pumpernickel bread loaves. Yum, am I right?

Cardboard Beige - HGTV's April Fool's Color of the Month

Sponge-painting my walls with a lovely shade of cardboard beige is at the top of my spring to-do list! And if you’ve picked up a fashion magazine lately, you’ll know that the lighter iteration of the color was tearing up the runway during Spring Fashion Week:

Cardboard Beige

What do you think? Is this month’s color choice delightfully outside of the box, or did we come up empty?


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3 Responses

  1. Maura C. says:

    Surprisingly I like it!

  2. Joanne says:

    Well it's different I must say.

  3. Julia D. says:

    I've been HAD!

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