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There has always been something comforting to me about clowns. I know seeing an adult in outlandish costumes, colored wigs and dramatic makeup may evoke fear in most, but I find them playful and nostalgic. Despite their unfortunate reputation, clowns will always have a fan in me.

Mood Board Monday: ClownsOh, By the Way | Old Picture of the Day | Charlie Allen’s Blog | Scriblets | Old Wood Toys | Behance | via OctoberMoon

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Mood Board Monday

8 Responses

  1. Jean Davis says:

    I don't really care for clowns myself, but I have to admit, the look of the mood board is pretty appealing.

  2. Liz_HGTV says:

    I especially like that one in the bottom middle — definitely NOT going to have nightmares about it. At all.

  3. Christie says:

    I like the one with the green shoes.

  4. jessicaykr says:

    My favorite clowns are all the sad ones.

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  6. Grantley@HGTV says:

    Happy April Fools' Day from Design Happens!

  7. CplusE says:

    Even as a joke, clowns creep me out — that one in the middle is terrifying. This would make a great Halloween collage!

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