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As you may already know, I’ve been planning to paint one wall of the nursery a rich indigo blue with a graphic herringbone-meets-chevron pattern, inspired by this wall on the Brick House Blog. I started by measuring the accent wall so I could figure out the width of my panels. It turns out the room is a perfect 12′ x 12′ square, so I decided for simplicity’s sake to make 6 2-foot-wide panels across the accent wall. After taping off the sides, ceiling, door, and molding, I used a laser level to ensure that my vertical tape lines are straight.Taping wall for paintOnce the panels are measured out, it’s time to start adding the diagonal lines. I started by eyeballing the angle of the first line. After that, it’s simply a matter of measuring out the stripes. I like the varied width in my inspiration photo, so I worked with 6-inch and 4-inch stripes with the occasional 3-inch stripe thrown in. Once my first panel was complete, I used the laser level again to mark out the adjacent panel’s first stripe. Once your angle is established it’s pretty quick work to tape off all of the stripes.Adding diagonal tape linesHave you ever tried to tape off a stripe pattern, only to have the color bleed under the tape and look messy? Hoping to avoid this, I followed Jenny from Little Green Notebook’s advice and painted a thin coat of my base color over all of the tape. Is this extra work? It sure is! But I spent so much time taping the wall that I didn’t want to risk anything. This seals your line and gives you a crisp, professional result. Also recommended? A cute assistant.Painting base coatNow it’s time for two coats of my color choice for the room: HGTV HOME by Sherwin Williams in Indigo Batik. Then, the moment of truth. I let the paint dry overnight and then oh-so-carefully started removing the tape. And…voila! I think I held my breath the entire time we were pulling tape off, but thanks to the base coat of white there were only a couple of spots with bleed through and I touched those up in a snap. What do you think?Removing the tape and seeing the finished wall.We’re in the home stretch now! Time to start moving the furniture in and tackle a few more small projects.

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  2. Painting Artist, Inc says:

    I love the pics! We are going to something just like this in our daughter's room, she's two so she's going to have a blast helping out too. I am sharing this post with all our painting audience online. Thanks!

    Painting Artist, Inc.

  3. LindaTigar1 says:

    I love Interior Design and exterior landscaping. When I first moved into my house I did something similar to one of the rooms in my house.

  4. M. Quint says:

    Chevrons need to go!

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  6. Taylor says:

    My dorm looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

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  8. hkzxynve says:

    Absolutely adore hkzxynve! Really really want one other partners!

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  10. Sandra says:

    Yeah I got the actual thing what I was seeking for a long time and I'm already learn some exclusive works from here. I will try it tomorrow as well. Thanks for your help with this post.

  11. Jessica says:

    Ah, good to know.

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