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BRIANA: Chevron has long been on my list of trends to tackle, but I’m bringing it up now because I see signs of its reign starting to wane. Could straight stripes and punky polka dots be poised to take the throne once again? Or are you still a loyal subject of the zigzags? Discuss.

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JESSICA: You know the seagulls from Finding Nemo? They were me – only instead of wailing “Mine!” I was screaming “Chevron!” in every single department store. But as time went on, I realized that chevron was just a novelty to me. I didn’t really love chevron – just the idea of it. All those crazy zigzags just aren’t stable enough for me at this time in my life. We’re on a break.

DAVID HAYNES: Just the idea of chevron? Jessica, that is deep. I’m going to have to think on this for a while.

LEANNE: Enough with those harsh zigzags. Make 2013 the Year of Sensuous, Life-Affirming Swirls. Like in this Gustav Klimt.

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JESSICA: It’s been a long, zigzaggy winter, David. I’m ready for Leanne’s Life-Affirming Swirls. Or lattice. I love lattice.

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MARIANNE: I’m over chevron, but I’ll admit this mod herringbone wall in my nursery has completely stolen my heart. It’s like chevron’s cool older brother:

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DEANNE REVEL: Totally agree with Marianne. I’m Team Herringbone. On our last snow day, I herringboned, not chevroned, my deck:

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KAYLA: Yeah, I’m off the chevron train, too. Now I’m totally entranced by herringbone in unexpected ways, like this dresser updated with a gold paint pen. Plus, it’s a classic pattern that’s here to stay, unlike chevron that’s worn out its welcome. I mean, just look at these wood floors. Throwing in a super cute toddler in a herringbone vest just because it’s Friday.

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LIZ: Poor chevron. It used to be the coolest kid in town, but now it’s old news. If herringbone is the cool older brother, this Missoni-inspired variation is the more sophisticated cousin:

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While the classic chevron print was pretty much absent from this week’s High Point Market, we saw plenty of this smaller, more varied zigzag on everything from pillows to sofas, and also a few pieces with a more organic, ikat-inspired version of chevron.

DAVID HAYNES: Ikat! Klimt! Now we’re talking.

FARIMA: I love it all – stripes, polka dots, herringbone and even chevron. I agree, it’s old news, but I still get excited when I see an accent piece in this pattern.

You’ve heard us zig and zag about zigzags, now tell us what YOU think:

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  3. Sharon says:

    Seeing it used in ONE element in a home is fine. Not on the walls, the pillows, the chairs, the floor . . .

  4. Angel A. says:

    I'd rather wear chevron than design or decorate with it.

  5. rosewood11 says:

    I'm not a fan of chevron patterns in anything, including throws and pillows. I much prefer botanicals.

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