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Amy Howard at Home has a very exciting product out — High Performance Furniture Lacquer (in a spray can!).

If you’ve ever wished for a thick, rich, hard-high-gloss finish of actual lacquer on a piece of furniture, frame or home decor — Amy’s paint is for you. Just prime your piece, spray it on — and a pale, faded piece of furniture transforms into an edgy, chic high-fashion statement piece set in lacquer. And did I mention it’s in an easy-to-use SPRAY CAN?!


Lacquer Spray Paint

Lacquer Spray Paint

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20 Responses

  1. Brenda D. says:

    This makes me happy. I need a quality lacquer paint for a dresser I have. Will be ordering today.

  2. Mariel says:

    Oooh lacquer spray paint. I can think of so many fun places to try this. I wonder, does it actually has the nice, even finish of real lacquer?

  3. Mike Blount says:

    I just Shabby Chic'd a table with Anne Sloane chalk paint and everything I read say's I must use her wax to cover the piece. I would rather use a high gloss finish but not sure this product would work?

    • Patti says:

      The whole reason to use chaulk paint is for the soft, non-shiny finish that an old worn piece would have, hence the wax for protection. why would you go to that much trouble then undo it with a high gloss?

  4. cheerylcanete8 says:

    This is the best lacquer I ever seen because it is spray paint. I hope this is not too expensive and i hope this is also available in our place.

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  5. design girl says:

    where is this sold in Toronto?

  6. xxx says:

    really informative blog – learn something new every day by reading blogs like this

  7. patricia says:

    Is lacquer paint appropriate for a table top. I have an older wooden plain jane table and want to put some bright yellow lacquer on the top for a pop of color in my kitchen. I want to do the top lacquer yellow and white for the legs. What are your thoughts?

  8. M Kennedy says:

    Can this paint be used on wicker furniture to give it the look of all weather wicker?

  9. Dana says:

    Ww.myperfectcolor.com. Has custom color high gloss spray paint

  10. Kim says:

    Can I spray over already laquered furniture ?

    • Joanne says:

      I'd like to know the answer to this question, too! I have a black laquered table, and the smooth, shiny finish on the top is gone. Can I spray over this??

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