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Some people find them creepy, some find them plain tacky — some, like me, find garden gnomes absolutely charming. I think having a gnome or two nestled subtly in your yard or garden adds a touch of whimsy to your landscape. Having a little fellow with a pointy cap keeping watch over things is sweetly exciting.


So, you get where I’m coming from, yes? I. Like. Garden. Gnomes. With that in mind — these garden gnome doors from Nothin’ But Wood on Etsy are making my Monday. You can attach them to the bottom of a tree (or whatever else suits your little dude). This is an overload of cuteness! Can’t you just see a kid stumbling across one of these doors — and, how fascinated they would be with it? Their imaginations would run wild!

Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

 Your Monday’s icy heart is beginning to melt, isn’t it?



5 Responses

  1. Dana Jennings says:

    I have gnomes scattered throughout my small, woodsy back yard. They make me so happy and these little doors are perfect.

  2. PRJ says:

    Whimsical and inviting.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Love gnomes and these doors.

  4. Kaymie says:

    Love the doors. Gnomes? Not so much. They are creepy to me. :)
    Will be making a fairy garden with my granddaughter this year and I will envision fairies fluttering about at night.

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