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The ombre trend in both fashion and design has been climbing for years now, peaking last year and not slowing down anytime soon. I think we all thought it would slowly die out come fall just like any other spiking trend, but it’s only gaining more popularity, particularly this week*. People are ombre-ing everything from cake frosting to maxi dresses and we’re in full support of this. I mean, why not showcase every glorious shade of your favorite hue? I jumped on board the ombre train early last year by spicing up my long, brunette locks with dip-dyed tips. Now, I’ve taken the trend into the kitchen by painting my bamboo cooking utensils alternating shades of pink. I can’t get enough!

Looking for more ways to bring the look home? Here are eight ideas you’ll love.

Ombre Ruffed Cake at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Confetti Daydreams

Ruffled Ombre Cake: This two-tiered wedding cake features breathtaking ruffle details in colors alternating from pink to a pale lavender. It almost looks too good to eat.

Ombre Pendants at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia designlovefest

Ombre Pendant Lamp: Here’s an easy paint project you can complete in just a few hours. The girls over at designlovefest add an ombre effect to a glass pendant light with opaque and translucent spray paint.

Ombre Curtains at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Spicer + Bank

Ombre Draperies: I love these reverse dip-dyed draperies because they completely elongate the room, adding additional height and square footage. The all-one-color trend is popping up everywhere this year, too.

Ombre Wooden Utensils at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Etsy User oMEandoMY

Ombre Wooden Utensils: Dress up the dinner table with glamorous hand-painted wooden spoons in light to dark blue tones. Gold tips add an extra bit of sparkle.

Ombre Hair at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Diaries of a Hair Queen | Ombre Hair | Hair Inspiration

Ombre Hairstyles: Your hair is meant to be played with, don’t you agree? Give it a trendy touch with dark-to-light coloring or pull in some from-the-rainbow hues you may have never thought about trying. One of the newest trends, hair chalking, is a quick, easy and temporary way to add colorful highlights to your hair without a long-lasting effect. (Those pretty purple streaks will come out in just a few washes.) Heading to one of this summer’s outdoor music festivals? Chalk it up!

Ombre Shirt at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Erin Ever After

Ombre Arrangements: You don’t have to physically ombre something to get that beautiful tonal effect. I love this wedding reception centerpiece where the flowers are simply arranged in order from dark to light.

Ombre Shirt at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Nordstrom

Ombre Fashion: Whether you’re buying dip-dyed fashion off the racks or DIYing it at home, you’re still going to look H-O-T and on-trend this summer. My sister just turned an outdated, 90s blue jeans jacket into a fashion-worthy piece by cutting off the sleeves and half-bleaching the bottom. Now, it’s an ombre jean vest perfect for cool summer nights.

Ombre Basket at HGTV's Design Happens Blogvia Etsy User WindandWillowHome

Ombre Basket: Did you ever think about turning those stacks of baskets in the attic into something you could display? This little beauty was hand-dyed to create a subtle display of dark to light peach from bottom to top.

More Ombre Ideas From D-Happ:

*Note: What’s Spiking Content courtesy of Carolyn Clark, Yahoo! Web Trend Expert.

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