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As a child, my parents could never reveal our summer vacations too early because I would immediately run into my room and start packing. Unfortunately for my loved ones, I’m not any better now – just ask anyone about the “necessities” I pack for vacations or the extensive grocery lists I create for 3-day cabin trips. (“We’re not moving in together, Jessica.”)

Hey, at least I’m prepared.

And with summer finally on the horizon, it’s time for you to prepare your home for the heat of the summer. These items will keep you organized, safe and cool, so you can spend less time worrying and more time at the pool.

A calendar. BBQ at Mom’s. Summer Camp. Disneyland. Wedding. Wedding. Waterpark. Phew! As exciting as all those summer activities can be, they can be difficult to keep track of. Invest in a big calendar, then take a few moments to mark down all the events that you know of. Make sure to put it somewhere your family members will see it – like next to the front door or in the kitchen – and keep a pen or marker nearby so you can add new events to the calendar as they come up.

A new filter. Remember, you need to change the filter in your air conditioning unit every 90 days or so. A dirty filter is not only bad for your health, but will require your AC to work harder to cool your home, quickly increasing your energy bill.

New fabrics. There’s a reason people turn in dark, thick fabrics in exchange for light, flowing ones when the weather warms up: dark colors and thick fabric absorb heat. Try switching out dark, heavy curtains for ones made of lightweight material or investing in blackout curtains, which block out light and keep rooms cool. Light sheets and blankets will also keep you cool on hot summer nights.

Aloe vera. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a nasty sunburn. Aloe vera plants have miraculous healing powers for burns, and can be grown indoors with minimal effort.  Just break off a thick leaf (don’t be scared – your plant will grow new leaves!) and squeeze the juice directly onto the burn for instant relief.

Fire extinguisher. While we’re talking about getting burned, grilling and fire pits can quickly turn chaotic if you’re not careful. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it: pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, then squeeze the trigger slowly and evenly in a sweeping motion.

Outdoor lighting. You probably spend more time outside on summer nights, so why not keep the party going all night by installing outdoor lights? Not only are they beautiful, but keeping your patio and paths lit make your yard safer.

Popsicle molds. Okay, okay – this isn’t technically a home necessity, but you gotta have fun sometimes, right? Kids never tire of making them, and if you try adding a little bit of your favorite wine or spirit to the mix, you won’t get tired of making them either. Just keep those popsicles away from the kids, ok?

How do you get your home ready for summer? 


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