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BRIANA: Concrete and faux concrete finishes have steadily been gaining popularity over the past year – Stylus recognized concrete as a High Point Trend, and Liz and I spotted these pieces at ICFF. But what do you think of the trend? Is the concrete look cool or does it leave you cold? Is it industrial chic or way too bleak?

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BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: I seldom use concrete due to its lead time and also the finish costs associated with getting it just right; however, when I opt for concrete, I think its success is all about juxtaposition. Usually, I’ll pair a concrete table with super textural seating, like boucle upholstery. Concrete also warms up a lot when it’s paired with wooden pieces, either with rustic or refined finishes. Dammit, all this talk of concrete now has me wanting to use it again.

MARIANNE: Brrrr. Way too cold for me. Concrete counters in a kitchen can work in a lot of spaces, but even that is not my style. Plus I would break all of my wine glasses.

HANNAH SLAUGHTER: I feel like concrete chairs (or tables, or vanities) are only for the people that buy entire rooms out of a catalog and indulge in way too many classes at the gym. There’s nothing better after a day of boot camp and Zumba than making a green drink in your Vitamix and curling up in your concrete chair. Clearly I’m not cool enough.

LEANNE: I want a set of these in my guest room so no one [in-laws] overstays their welcome. Is this style available in beds? If so, I want one of those for the guest room, too.

KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: I miss my concrete countertops in our Birmingham house so much. They withstand hot pots, wine spills, even turmeric stains. But I don’t know about that concrete chair. It looks like a torture device. I do, however, love concrete in the garden. Like terra cotta, concrete is a great material for containers because it retains moisture but not too much, so soil and plants can breathe. It’s actually a fairly sophisticated look that crosses the line between contemporary and traditional. Although, apparently it’s more palatable if you call it “cast stone”…

I love this cute little planter:

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These are a nice DIY twist:

Do you like concrete decor or think it's way too cold? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

These are even a cheap, but fun, take on the old plant-it-in-a-concrete-block idea:

Do you like concrete decor or think it's way too cold? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Oh, and will someone please buy me this “cast stone” necklace?

Do you like concrete? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

ALYSSA: Just too Fred Flintstone for me.

JESSICA: I’m certain this is influenced by the grey skies of my Seattle hometown, but I love the grey and I love concrete. Especially concrete countertops: I went to the Dogwood Home & Garden Show back in the wintertime and finally “met” one in person. I may or may not have put my face on it…

I really like how thick the countertops in this kitchen are. It looks like a crane just dropped it onto the counters.

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However, that concrete chair is the exact opposite of what I want in a chair, and must be from a Saw movie, right?

Now that we’ve solidified our opinions about concrete, tell us what you think!

24 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    Not my style, but certainly appreciate the coolness they bring to a room (i.e., countertop).

  2. elicbxn says:

    I want to rip up my floor covering and seal my concrete floors. That way I think the cats can't do much more damage to them!

  3. Tiberian Fiend says:

    Who let the brutalism in?

  4. Rosewood11 says:

    Sometimes I like the look, but the weight of it has to be horrible, and furniture made of it sounds terribly uncomfortable. I can see it used on walls–especially some of the multi-colored murals I've seen made of it that are really cool. I'm back to my rule of moderation in all things. Too much of this would stray way too close to my nemesis–mid-century modern, the STUFUGLIEST design style ever!!!

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