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It’s no surprise that the modern wallpaper trend is still going strong: Wallpaper is a (relatively) simple and inexpensive update, and today’s patterns are a far cry from the ’80s florals and farm animal borders of the past. I got to see some of the newest playful patterns in person at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair. These are some of my favorite designers and patterns.

Retro Patterns From Dupenny Designs
From pinup girls to strongmen to jazz-era flappers, Dupenny Designs mixes retro artwork with cheeky humor to create wallpapers that are both fun and impactful thanks to their black-and-white designs. This bathroom-perfect paper is outfitted with groups of bathing-capped synchronized swimmers.  

Modern Wallpaper by DuPenny Designs

Splash Wallpaper by Dupenny Designs

Graphic Abstractions From Alyse Solomon
Artist Alyse Solomon starts her wallpaper design with photographs of everyday objects, then transforms them digitally into repeating abstractions.  The results, like this pattern entitled “Acid Wash,”  have a soothing kaleidoscope effect.

Modern Wallpaper by Alyse Solomon

Acid Wash Wallpaper by Alyse Solomon

Bright, Large-Scale Florals From Camilla Meijer
The bold color combination of this iridescent floral print drew me into Camilla Meijer’s ICFF booth like a moth to the flame. Hand-drawn and hand-screenprinted in London,  these bright, large-scale florals are perfect for a focal wall or a small powder room.

Modern Wallpaper by Camilla Meijer

The English Garden Wallpaper by Camilla Meijer

Embellished Art Deco Designs From Meystyle
Meystyle’s glitzy art deco-inspired patterns look like they could have come straight from Jay Gatsby’s mansion, but that’s not the only thing that makes them eye-catching: You can add twinkling LED lights to the patterns, giving your wall an unexpected glow. Or, if glitz is more your thing, you can also add Swarovski crystals.

Meystyle LED Wallpaper

Meystyle’s LED Wallpaper

Yukari Sweeney’s Pastoral Imagery
With a mix of Japanese, American and British influences, Yukari’s designs evoke the look of nature and farm life with a modern twist. This year at ICFF, her booth featured updated, bold floral prints…

Modern Floral Wallpaper by Yukari Sweeney

Modern Floral Wallpaper by Yukari Sweeney

…and a new design called “Lord of the Manor.”

Modern Wallpaper by Yukari Sweeney

Lord of the Manor Wallpaper by Yukari Sweeney

Palm Beach Chic by House of Hackney
House of Hackney’s playful, irreverent prints, like this Palmerial Luxury pattern, are available in fabrics, wallpapers, lampshades and even clothing.

Palm Tree Wallpaper by House of Hackney

Palm Tree Wallpaper by House of Hackney

Modern Hand-Printed Designs From JuJu Papers

We featured Avery’s hand-printed, spare modern motifs in a vintage-inspired wallpaper roundup last fall, and I still love her nature-inspired patterns. This spring, the Portland-based artist is back with two new patterns: This bold, free-form “Family Reunion” design…

Modern Wallpaper Designs by Juju Wallpaper

Family Reunion Wallpaper by Juju Wallpaper

…and this subtly modern pattern called “The Sou’Wester.”

Modern Wallpaper by Juju Papers

The Sou’Wester by Juju Papers

Texture-Inspired Patterns From NLXL
Faux wall finishes might still be out of style, but faux-textured wallpapers were on full display at the NLXL booth. There was this concrete-inspired pattern by Piet Boon that debuted last spring…

Modern Concrete Wallpaper By Piet Boon

Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon

…and this new collection from Arthur Slenk inspired by the texture and patterns featured on two boxes of vintage sheet music. Over seven years, Slenk painstakingly sorted, paired and pasted the sheet music into 144 letter-sized art pieces.  The pieces were then transformed into graphic wallpapers like the one featured below.

Modern Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk

Remixed Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk

What do you think: Would you use these modern wallpapers in your home?


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11 Responses

  1. RSS says:

    I am in love with the synchronized swimmers wallpaper!

  2. I'm crazy for Camilla Meijer's wallpaper. Might need to get that up on a wall soon. So pretty. Thanks for introducing her to me!

  3. dpaul01 says:

    in 7 years they're going to kill themselves for putting in such wonderful, wallpaper

  4. Anne J. says:

    My favorite is the Modern Floral Wallpaper by Yukari Sweeney. Love the birds.

  5. Bob says:

    I love the wallpaper of Arthur Slenk! you should see the whole serie NLXL made. Brilliant idea!

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  7. joeanna anthony says:

    All the wall paper here were really nice but I particularly liked the Concrete Wallpaper and the splash wall paper.

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  9. Robyn says:

    I really like, "Lord of the Manor " wallpaper. It's very classy!

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