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Every time I head to a garage sale or thrift store, I keep an eye out for a vintage ladder. They’re so multifunctional – they can find a home in almost any room, whether it’s a living room or a bathroom. I typically use them as anything besides a climbing tool. I find they’re much more charming holding a slew of colorful high heels or a stack of towels. If you have an old ladder lying around, dust it off and try one of these ideas.

Vintage Ladder Decor

A vintage ladder is a perfect addition for an empty space in a living room or bedroom. Play up the rustic feel by adorning your ladder with flower-filled mason jars. See how Sarah from A Beach Cottage decided to decorate her old ladder.

Shoe Display Ladder

This idea is handy if you’re anything like me – always searching for shoe storage! Also, why not show off your lovely collection? Shoe shopping is hard work – it deserves a little appreciation.

Pottery Barn Chandelier Ladder

Let this Pottery Barn ladder inspire you to create your own rustic chandelier, complete with ropes and lanterns.


DIY Ladder Bookshelf

If you’re a bookworm, hang your ladder horizontally like Krista from Dandelion Express to create a bookshelf for your latest reads.

DIY Storage Ladder

If you’re struggling to locate an old ladder, build your own! This freestanding ladder is perfect for extra storage in a bathroom.

What’s your favorite use for an old ladder?

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    I assumed this gcgzdoal was tremendous cute. Tremendous cute just didn’t fit right.

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