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You may think your laundry room only needs to be about function and storage, but it needs just as much style as any other room in your home. After all, some of you may spend just as much time in there as you do your living room or kitchen. If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help!

Chevron Sink Curtain

The plethora of laundry supplies you’ve collected over the years can make it difficult to keep your laundry room looking clean and organized. Hide the supplies behind a piece of fabric in your favorite pattern — proof that style and function can go hand-in-hand!

Laundry Room Countertop

Not only does this countertop above the washer and dryer and stainless steel shelving add extra surface space, but they also bring in texture and sleek lines. I may actually enjoy doing laundry in a space like this!

Thrifty Finds

Give your laundry room a lived-in, inviting look by incorporating your favorite thrift store finds. The colorful antique wardrobe and chandelier bring an interesting mix that makes it hard to believe this is actually a laundry room.

4 Responses

  1. Joy Jonas says:

    Wow, these are lovely laundry rooms. Mine could use some sprucing up!

  2. JanieP says:

    Love these laundry rooms! Shelf brackets to complete the look can be found at <a href="http://www.lookintheattic.com” target=”_blank”>www.lookintheattic.com

    Several styles that look great to dress up an otherwise plain space!

  3. joeanna anthony says:

    The laundry rooms look good. Looks very organised…

  4. I really enjoy seeing on photo Your Laundry Room. My room is too small to add extra surface space.

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