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Well, hello D-Happ fans! I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is Beth, and I’m the editor responsible for HGTV’s growing collection of mobile apps. I’ll be checking in here regularly with updates about all the HGTV goodness you can find on your iPad, iPhone and (coming soon) Android devices as well as information about how you can integrate technology into your home.

I figured I’d kick my first post off with a BIG announcement. The mobile team here at HGTV today launched a brand new iPad app, HGTV Folio. And I might be a bit biased, but I think this one’s a beauty.

HGTV Folio landing screen
HGTV Folio is your source for gorgeous home interior photography. You’ll find photos of rooms designed by HGTV hosts, like the Property Brothers, Kitchen Cousins, Emily Henderson, and photography from the HGTV Dream Home, Smart Home and Urban Oasis. You’ll also see work by professional designers from around the country and the current lineup of HGTV Star contestants.

There’s multiple ways for you to get lost in all the beautiful designs. We’ve got curated galleries just like the ones you love on HGTV.com.

HGTV Folio galleries
You can dive right in and search by the kind of room you want to see, the style you want to see, your favorite color or all three!

HGTV Folio search drawer
Maybe you have a hard time explaining what it is you love about your favorite room photos? You can take our “Find Your Style” quiz to learn more about the designs you love. You’ll be asked to select your favorite inspirations, and then we’ll reveal what your style is and take you straight to more rooms that you’ll love.

HGTV Folio Find Your Style quiz
All of the photos you’ll see on HGTV Folio have an extra layer of interactivity that’s unique to the iPad experience. You’ll find tappable hotspots with product information and detailed views of a room. There are pull-out menus with information about the room you’re looking at. You’ll be able to add the rooms you love to your favorites folders and share them with your friends.

HGTV Folio imageHGTV Folio image with interactivity
We’ll be updating HGTV Folio every week with new photos and galleries, so this is an app you’ll want to return to over and over. Download HGTV Folio to your iPad today, and let us know what you think!

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  3. Laura Adams says:

    Oh, my goodness! Every time I see a commercial for Folio on TV, I check the Google Play store for it. Still nothing! Isn’t it about time you made this available to the other half of the country – the Android users? You are ignoring (& offending) a HUGE segment of users/buyers, as evidenced by this growth chart of iOS users vs. Android users:
    Come on! Get on it.

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  6. if HGTV folio for android is there?

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  9. Dorothy says:

    Looks like it's nit available on iPad in Canada…….get your act together HGTV we're viewers too…EH!

  10. Dee says:

    How do You sign in

  11. josh20 says:

    is it available on android now?

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