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Yesterday’s New York Times Home section featured the recently renovated brownstone of Beastie Boy, Mike D (also known as Mr. Michael Diamond) and it’s just as cool as you might expect it to be. Aside from their media room “sofa” which I’m pretty sure is an upholstered bed — genius! — the one thing that caught my eye was this chandelier made by Studio Tord Boontje. Maybe you’ve seen his Midsummer Light before? The guy’s good with lights. This Blossom Chandelier is made of Swarovski crystals and lined with LED lights. The effect in Mike D’s dining room is beautiful, natural and elegant. I’d love to see it lit up at night.

tord boontje blossom chandelier


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  1. SoozieQ says:

    I too was drawn to the light. Have seen it a few times before but never knew the designer. Have looked around today on google images and can only find one picture of it lit at night (a picture out of a book!) Every other image is of it during the day! Why is this? At prices ranging over the 50k mark, I'd hope it would look as spectacular as it would suggest.

  2. joeanna anthony says:

    Splendid Post. Thanks for share. even more wait … I'd never seen them before… They're gorgeous…

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