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You may not know that HGTV.com is based in Knoxville, Tenn. It’s mainly known as Big Orange Country (Go Vols!), but many people don’t realize how beautiful it is around here. The Great Smoky Mountains are very close to the heart of downtown, and the Tennessee River flows right through the city. The surrounding areas boast amazing farmland, including Murphy Springs Farm, a 190-acre farm in Northeast Knoxville. Kevin Murphy, the current resident, walks us through how he renovated his family’s 1841 farmhouse.

Murphy Farmhouse circa 1890Murphy Farmhouse Circa 1890

The house didn’t undergo a significant renovation until 1925, 84 years after Kevin’s great-great-great grandfather, Hugh Murphy, built the house. It was passed down from generation to generation, and was eventually only occupied during the summers from the 1970s until Kevin moved in in 2008.

Present-Day Murphy FarmhousePresent Day Farmhouse

The house needed some TLC, but Kevin was up for the challenge. The log smokehouse, sitting outside the main house, had been there since the house was first built. The original wood had decayed from several years of being exposed to salt particles used to cure the meat. With the help of a consultant, Kevin replaced the rotted wood with reclaimed lumber and the roof rafters with pine logs from trees right off the property. To complete the renovation, he replaced the tin roof with cedar shake shingles.

Smokehouse BeforeBefore: Smokehouse

Restored SmokehouseRestored Smokehouse

One of the oldest pieces in the house is the 1925 Frigidaire Ap-7 refrigerator. It sat in one spot for more than 84 years, causing it to depress into the kitchen floor. To remove it, they had to tear down a wall and lift it with an excavator. It was all worth the effort though because Kevin had it restored to function as stunning antique kitchen storage.

1925 Refrigerator

During the renovation, Kevin had to dig up the basement to shore up the foundation. The wine enthusiast in him decided to add a wine cellar complete with hand-built wine racks made of cypress wood and a small table perfect for gathering friends for a wine tasting. I wouldn’t mind having a glass or two of wine here!

Murphy Farm Wine Cellar

Take a Look Inside the Home>>

11 Responses

  1. RSS says:

    Wow. Beautiful farm house.

  2. Lili_HGTV says:

    I love this house. It's so charming and looks like it was very lovingly renovated.

  3. JanieP says:

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    • Davis says:

      I agree, JanieP. Look in the Attic & Company is a great place to find hardware and items for renovation projects.

  4. joeanna anthony says:

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  5. AmyWax says:

    What a great project. I noticed that the interior looks like it is all white.. I also suggest using the Color 911 app for color inspiration! I use it for anytime I want help with choosing colors!

  6. Rachel says:

    love it!

  7. Jack Scott says:

    My wife's family had a similar smoke house on their property in Missouri. We cannnot find out the purpose of the large overhang in the front. Was it for storage, heat, or what else?

  8. Judy McQueen says:

    Love the house! So happy I found out about this blog.

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  10. cindy says:

    A true delight! Great home and with such memories and character…priceless!

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