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Something about sunshine and 90-degree weather makes a cocktail or glass of wine sound that much more appealing. Summer in itself is enough reason to throw a cocktail party, and I’m thinking a girls’ wine night sounds just right.  If you’re with me on this sentiment, consider upgrading your stemware. These fabulous wine glass crafts are sure to jazz up your summer party.

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses
These DIY Glitter Wine Glasses are perfect for a glitzy party. What’s not to love about a little glitter?


DIY Painted Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless wine glasses are optimal for casual summer get-togethers. See how Kristen from MyColor painted these glasses to give them a bright, floral feel.


DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses
These DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses are great for a girls’ night, especially if you have any germophobes in your group — no more wine glass mixups!


DIY Painted Tumblers
This Hand-Dotted Tumbler tutorial is simple and inexpensive. It’s perfect if you’re looking to create colorful stemless wine glasses. If you’re crazy about this fun, confetti pattern, consider making hand-dotted vases, too!


DIY Gilded Lace Champagne Glass
Although these elegant beauties are actually champagne glasses, I imagine this craft could be done with wine glasses, too. These beautifully ornate glasses could make any party glamorous.

What’s your favorite way to jazz up a wine glass?

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