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We talk amongst ourselves a lot here on the blog (hello, Defend the Trend dishfests), but we’re always looking to hear more from decorators, designers and design enthusiasts. Aka, you! That’s why we’re taking to Twitter with our burning style questions. If you’re not already getting updates from @hgtv and @hgtvdecorating, follow us today. And talk back to us — you never know, your Twitter insights could wind up on the blog.

This week, we wanted to know: What’s Your Biggest Design Pet Peeve?

I was expecting answers like avocado green bath fixtures or shag carpeting, but as it turns out, most of you seem to be annoyed by matching, whether it be in colors or furniture sets:

matching pink bedroom

(You’re probably hating this picture right now.)

“Having a very monochromatic room without any contrasting pieces. Can you say overkill?” -@KreatveCreatnz

“It drives me crazy when everything matches. Have a little fun and switch things up a little! Throw some color around!” -@EndlesslyJenn

“going too overboard with themed rooms & being too ‘matchy matchy’ with colors, using diff shades is better on the eyes.” -@lindsay_lajoie

“Pet peeve….a ‘matchy-matchy’ room. Individual pieces are so much more interesting.” -@LaFuenteImports

“a space that is too matchy-matchy. Rooms should feel like they evolved over time, not purchased from a store as a ‘set’…” -@gabbi_zac

Also bugging you folks: Overcrowding (@DEMuha2500), too much texture on walls in homes with pets and kids (@mammafaus), overwhelmingly brown color palettes (@kcrox26), garages on the front of homes (@_MrsFerguson_), failure to see anything other than entry & exit (@socetious), electricians who cut holes larger than switch plate covers and outlet covers (@Blissitydoodah), when interior designers remove TVs because they don’t know how to incorporate them (@anthonycgonza), cluttered eclectic looks (@MareyPony), plastic-covered furniture (@FromWineToWhine), not replacing old, overgrown shrubs (@dsparkhill) and when decorators don’t take clients’ tastes into consideration (@GSand1804).

I feel like we’ve learned a lot about each other…and about design. Stay tuned for our next hot topic on Twitter and, hey, don’t be afraid to sound off in the comments below!


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46 Responses

  1. Jackie Samuelson says:

    Paula Dean, should not be fired. In the era she was raised to use the n word.
    any one raised in the 50"s used it.
    she is a wonderful person and does a great job. I will no longer use food network.

  2. Barbara says:

    I love Paula! I am sure she has made your network tons of money. Everyone should get a second chance. We have all said things we should not have. no one is perfect.
    Please think again

    • Kate says:

      I agree. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm tired of everyone bowing to the throne of "political correctness'. People act as it they have never done or said anything they regret. My love affair with Food Network is over!!!!

    • Jane J says:

      Nazi tactics?

  3. JoAnn says:

    I will not watch Food network and when my magazine runs out, I will not renew. Food Network is not perfect. I will dump you. You let the liberal , left wing news sway your decision.

  4. Ethel says:

    I am a black woman and I adore Paula. She has made cooking seem simple with her ease and style. Don't get too quick to pull her off your network. I am sure she has seen the error of her ways. We all have made mistakes. Please reconsider this choice it would be like foodnetwork cutting off their nose to spite their face. I truly enjoy her antics and quips. She is a lovable fixture of your network.

  5. Jackie says:

    So glad to see so many of you agree. No one has not said things they would like to take back.

    • georgia peach says:

      I too am from Georgia she was honest and all those years ago fact of life. For al of you who can cast a stone shame on you, you are not perfect either. Forgiveness is a viture and shows christainship. I will no longer support nor warch foodnetwork. God be with you Paula!

  6. Gene Volz says:

    Paula is being fired for honesty. Wow! Of course she used the N word. She was born, and raised in the deep South, where it was very common to hear the N word from All Sources. She was just being honest, and if someone her age denied thisfact, perhaps they are not being as truthful as we would like.

  7. Jimmie says:

    Who hasn't said something they regret in the past? Who will you have left on your network when someone else blows the whistle on your other 'chefs' because we are all human and I am sure each has said something that can haunt them. No one is more exemplary than Paula Deen. She is a delightful, witty Southern lady who is fun to watch…and by the way, she sure can cook!You are making a huge mistake! You will be loosing much more than just Paula

  8. Sherry says:

    Shame, shame, shame on you, Food Network!! Ms. Deen made a mistake, admitted to it under oath — which, by the way, is more honesty than one or two of our previous Presidents could muster — APOLOGIZED for the mistake and is now having to pay the ultimate price. The punishment being meted out to Ms. Deen by Food Network in no way, shape or form fits the crime, and I daresay those in control of making that decision at Food Network would not fare much better if they were forced to admit under oath whether they ever said or did anything during the course of their lives that might be interpreted by another person/race/religion, etc., as offensive. Oprah, I hope are extending a lifeline to your friend Paula right now. What a coup it would be for OWN to bring Ms. Deen into its fold!!

    • Catherine says:

      I agree, bring Paula back. I hate the "N" word but blacks seem to use it frequently. Haven't we all said things we regretted, I
      certainly have.

  9. jack says:

    wow, i am so glad that foodnetwork has never made a mistake. shame on __you fnw. if any of you food net work chefs have any feelings for paula, you will fight fnw against her firing and get her back. if she would come back. stick up for your fellow worker.

  10. Joan says:

    Wow, Paula made a mistake, she own up to it. And now she is being punish my you. She has made this network millions of Dollars and you take the easy way out. Wow, great PR team. I hope when you make a mistake this does not happen to you.

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