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  1. Charlene says:

    I have always watched this show and quite enjoyed it. After comparing it to some of the other shows I am becoming extremely frustrated recently. I started noticing that these homeowners, who are most of the time giving an obscene amount of money for these renovations are continuously being told that sometimes everything but one item on their list has to be removed removed because of a MAJOR issue. Now I understand the cost of living is different in certain areas. I watched an episode where a fire was discovered in an attic, in which case everything was removed from the homeowners list and a kitchen was done. Now I watched a different show, same situation with a fire in the attic, and the homeowners insurance covered it and they were able to continue with the renovations. All I hear anymore on this show is NO! I also watched another episode with a 150,000 budget and a PIPE in the floor and a support beam under a child's room caused a hault on renovations. Other shows can Reno an entire house with 150,000. It's becoming so rediculous and frustrating to watch these episodes anymore that Love it or List It will not be a renovation show that I watch any longer. I keep HGTV on constantly in my house but won't hesitate to turn the channel when this is on any longer. I prefer to watch a renovation show where homeowners are actually getting something for the money they are spending.

  2. amy arredondo l says:

    dear hillary i love to watch your show me and my husband and we decide that we like to renovate the kitchen to open concep. so please help us you are amazing with your designes

  3. Maddy wilson says:

    What app do you use to do your design Hilary?

  4. Wanda L. says:

    love, love, love both Hilary and David and Vanessa. This is one of my favorite shows. Hilary has such a great quality of style in her designs. I could only wish I knew how to do what she does in our new construction we are building. David plays off of her so well. Show should NEVER end.

  5. carla says:

    where are eddie and desta

  6. Judy Downard says:

    I love your comment. I agree totally. I'm sick and tired of shows becoming "reality shows".

  7. Watcher,not avid says:

    They get the chance to be on "TV", to try their hand at "acting", and not least to make a change they might otherwise not make.

  8. done with it says:

    I agree!!! Every single episode is centered around either the homeowner's arguing with each other or the hosts arguing with each other or the hosts arguing with the homeowner's. I used to love HGTV but avoid it at all costs. I watch tv to relax, not get irritated by nasty people who can't talk nice to each other. Complain, complain, complain.

  9. SANDRA P. says:


  10. Linda says:

    Don't watch it then!

  11. Ginny says:

    I totally agree. I truly do not understand how this program stays on. It's truly an insult to anyone that would watch more than 3 shows. Thank heavens for other shows like: the Brothers who really everything together and can't wait for the next show and other channels. What is wrong with you people who produce. Are you so lacking in talent that you can't produce a program that deals with real people and real problems. Believe me, we've been there and know. We had to put almost $300,000. and I'm still not happy with the results. Even with an inspector who must have had his head up his $%@, as you can see, the cost was far beyond most could afford, and they don't even make a inspection, nor do they start with the original first needs. What's her name starts somewhere on the list (mostly the bottom) and the main problem is not resolved. Is it really necessary to put so many reruns on. This program is the worse of the worse. Since your losing so many viewers how is possible that the commercials gain the monetary gains required to make this program profitable. Give us lawn care, anything that we could all lean and gain some knowledge f rom, but this program is for the pits. By the way, both of them need a great deal of acting help, and I do mean a great deal. Bad show, bad acting and bad, bad, bad!!! We are no longer viewers. Please put a show on that reflects truth in home owning or those looking to be new homeowners. HGTV used to be set when turned on. No problem with that anymore.

  12. Dee says:

    I had a NEW bathroom with sumpump created from scratch for $20,000!
    She RIPS PEOPLE OFF!!!! A young woman gave her life savings of $50K to renovate her parents bathroom (most important) on her list and because Hillary didn't want to re-wire/re-pipe, all she did was put up a stone wall around an gas fire place and renovate the kitchen FOR $50K what a RIP OFF! Another couple gave her $75K to renovate a farm home and she came into the typical wire issues and they lose their mudroom??? I am SOO tired of watching ppl get ROBBED!!! I would NEVER TRUST HER!

  13. ALLISON LYNNE says:


  14. ALLISON LYNNE says:



  15. JCDesigns says:

    Hilary has great design skills, but she is greatly hampered by her contractor Eddie. Eddie might be an ok contractor for some projects, but he is not exactly the most knowledgeable contractor! He told Hilary that she was stuck with a support column in the middle of a living room, when he COULD have installed an LVL into the ceiling above to support the span,… totally cluelesss…many other examples of his lack of knowledge, but too many to list here!

  16. Mel says:

    agree with your assessment of the design elements. NONE of those things have to be top of the line or custom made. there are some lovely "off the rack" cabinetry, lighting and appliances.

  17. R.Wilson says:

    I wonder why they never get the hint that you can't always do custom cabinets, finish basements, move walls when they aren't given enough money. The times they get $100,000 and could build a whole new house they still can't stay in budget. Hilary needs to have her crew look at the stucture before she makes up her plans rather then just have her Assistant move thing around on her ipad.

  18. Jan says:

    They are in Canada. Don't know which cities.

  19. Texas roper says:

    The homes that are being remoded are in Canada and there cost of living I take it is usually higher than the good old U.S.A. I like watching for the designs she comes up with. She is a talented designer but I agree they do need to change the show up. I'm sure there's a lot behind the scenes that they agree to that we don't know about…

  20. Ginny says:

    Is you sight so bad along with your hearing. I see this was posted 72 wks ago. I'm sure their intelligence level has finally seen the light and have found that HGTV has many sources that fit their needs for decorating ideas as well as construction renovations. FAVORITE SHOW, NO WAY.

  21. Brenda B. says:

    When They go a look at the house, should the Contractor be with them, use less expensive items, to help adjust the budget, when things come up. It should not be always one way or the other, to reach the Customers request.

  22. BrendaB says:

    There is always something coming off the table… no compromise. Do the basement use less expensive items, like furniture pcs and nix nac

  23. Brenda B says:

    Agree Sasha, there are always a way to adjust cost.. not in the construction, but stone mills using stone and other option for furniture. She a Vendor deal with Vendors that will work with her budget.

  24. Brenda B says:

    Yes…. jth… Just once it would be nice to see 80,000,000 dollars do more then a kitchen.

  25. bc trujillo says:

    for some reason I have become addicted to this show maybe because me and my ilk live in double wides and don't live in town where houses cost so much or even over one hundred grand

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