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Love It or List It‘s David Visentin and Hilary Farr are here to help!

Love It or List It hosts

Have a question about buying or selling a house? What about renovation projects? Submit all questions to hgtvmagazine@hearst.com with the subject line Love It or List It for a chance to have your answer appear in an upcoming issue. ONLY questions received via email will be considered. Must include full name and hometown.

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  1. mmtg25 says:

    Love the show and Hilary, you are a magician! I wish I could have you redecorate my entire home. But… can you PLEASE find a house to renovate that does not have some HUGE structural problem that eats up half the design budget. It's so unfair to Hilary. And just once, I'd love to see what Hilary can do with an entire budget!

  2. Tom Cuffe says:

    Why does Hillary not have a home inspector assess the properties before promising great results, then surprised when she can't deliver. Time after time after time after time.

  3. Valerie Robertson says:

    I absolutely will not watch the two on love it or list it, very annoying pair. The woman appears evil and the man scared plus the show is so fake, seen one, seen them all.

  4. Deb says:

    Love Hilary and David but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop the new people (the other show). Cannot stand TOdd and Jillian or what ever their names are. No personalities, just over dramatic in a boring way.

  5. Guest says:

    Help. I've looked everywhere for the results of the "Due Date Dilemma" episode. For some reason my DVR stopped taping before I could see if the owners decided to love it or list it! What was their decision?

  6. Evelyn says:

    So love this show!! I love them both but Hilary is amazing!!! I have never seen any room that she has decorated that I didn't love!!! I lost my house from a house fire!! If I was rich I`d pay her to design my new house that is being built!! Awesome show…

  7. JudyDownard says:

    I like the show and Hillary and David. They work well together. What I do not like is the bickering that goes on. What happened to just putting on a show without the "reality factor". The bickering between the hosts is entertaining, but I can't watch when the homeowners act like spoiled children. Not everyone enjoys watching the arguing and bickering. I turn it off when the homeowner is obnoxious.

  8. Carlos says:

    I love the show and the dynamic between Hillary and David is terrific! One question: what is the app that Hillary and Tessa use on the iPad to do their design ideas?

  9. Sn2Retire2018 says:

    LOVE the "Hillary and David" version of this show. I am so passionate to say this because I generally don't leave comments. I hope my point that I LOVE Hillary and David's version…hope you got my point :)

  10. Reidun says:

    I watch Love It or List It a lot and really enjoy it. Question: Where do you find the homeowners? Most are very rude. Do they really act like that or do they follow a script? Also Hilary, why do you even bother with basements? They're a big pain!

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